Workflow Visualization

 Make the workflow status of the Work Item clearly visible throughout the life-cycle, not a black box anymore.


Product Features

  1. The workflow status can be displayed visually for all Work Item types 
  2. Highlight the current workflow status and clearly display the next action
  3. Simple, plug-and-play installation
  4. Supports both Chinese and English



1. Display the status of the Work Item workflow visually

  • Applicable to all Work Item types
  • Highlight the current state of the Work Item
  • Clearly show the next step in the workflow


2. Simple configuration & live update

  • Simple configuration method
  • Customizable position in the layout of the Work Item form
  • The workflow state diagram is updated instantly once the workflow definition is refined


3. Custom zoom size workflow diagram

  • Ctrl+mouse wheel to quickly zoom in the diagram and change its size
  • Quickly reset original image position and appropriate size
  • After the selected state, drag the state position arbitrarily



Vendor Albert Chow (Shanghai REAL Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
Published Version 1.0 - September 2021
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion ALM 2018 GA (3.18.0) and later

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