WBS for ASPICE-MAN.3 Project Planning Management

 Utilizing Work Breakdown Structure to manage project planning and progress and realize WIP monitoring of project tasks, responsible people, and deliverables.


Product Features

  1. Clearly display project progress and resource allocation in the form of tree hierarchy and Gantt chart.
  2. Integrate with Microsoft Project to realize data interaction.
  3. Multiple common functions of MS Project such as "critical path", "upgrade/downgrade" and "automatic planning" can be matched, and make a baseline for the Project Plan.
  4. Simple installation, plug & play.
  5. Both Chinese and English are supported.



Division structure of tree top-level display project

  • Supports expansion/collapse of hierarchy
  • Display content can be customized
  • Any scheduled node insertion task item is supported
  • Tasks can be upgraded or degraded
  • Supports multi-dimensional filtering queries
  • Customizable delete level to ensure data security

Track project progress with Gantt format

  • Automatic planning mode is supported
  • The critical path can be highlighted
  • You can set the sequence and interval between tasks
  • Support project plan baselines
  • Supports quick drag & drop operations on the horizontal chart
  • Support for scaling of the Gantt charts, adaptive view

Support Microsoft Project import and export

  • The plan outline level and time are displayed in the original order after being imported
  • Automatically identify the tasks and milestones for the corresponding type of Work Items
  • Automatically matches “Resource Name” as the Work Item Assignee
  • Supports import of FS, SS, SF, and FF dependencies in Project
  • Supports full export of Plans




Vendor Albert Chow (Shanghai REAL Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
Published Version 1.0 - March 2022
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion ALM 2018 GA (3.18.0) and later