System Monitoring and Automatic Backup

 This package offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities relevant to automatic system data backup, batch user maintenance, monitoring of user operation, and data operation monitoring, all to achieve a one-stop Polarion maintenance service.


Product Features

  • This extension enables automatic data backup capability to ensure data security and prevent data loss due to hardware failures or malicious attacks.
  • It supports batch user import and maintenance functions to enhance project management reliability and efficiency while reducing manual input errors.
  • The function of real-time monitoring of enterprise software license usage status can help operation and maintenance staff finely manage license requirements of various departments, allocate them reasonably, and achieve maximum cost-effectiveness.
  • It enables tracking of specific user activity, login frequency, and usage duration to improve management efficiency.
  • It monitors data export and deletion operations in real-time to prevent data leakage and improper usage and ensure system data security.
  • It supports bilingual language in English and Chinese.



Automatic Data Backup

  • It supports full and incremental data backups to meet the company's data backup strategy requirements.
  • Files backed up can be regularly purged to reduce storage pressure.
  • It supports querying all backup results for easy traceability.


User Maintenance in a batch

  • It supports the import or update of user information in a batch (such as ID, name, license type, email, etc.) via Excel, reducing the workload involved in maintaining user information and enhancing work efficiency.
  • It enables adding project users in a batch and also supports defining the role of project users in a batch, simplifying the initialization of project members.
  • It supports rapid reuse of members across projects, enabling quick synchronization of the same group of individuals' information in different projects.


User Operation Monitoring

  • It allows for the statistical analysis of license usage by year, month, day, and specific periods, facilitating the rational allocation of licenses.
  • It supports viewing user login times, helping the management staff to get information on user activity levels.
  • It enables viewing the number of system logins by users and provides feedback on system usage.
  • It also supports real-time information display of details like whether a user is online and login duration, offering insight into the specific usage of current licenses.


Data Operation & Maintenance Monitoring

  • It supports querying detailed records of user login or logout and monitoring any unauthorized system access.
  • It enables the query of detailed data deletion activities, allowing for the tracing of specific users' data deletion actions.
  • It supports querying detailed data export activities to prevent data leakage and improper usage.



Vendor Albert Chow (Shanghai REAL Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
Published Version 1.0 - May 2024
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 18 GA (3.18.0) and later
Last tested with Polarion 2404 (3.24.4)

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