OSLC Connect for Jira

 Connect Siemens Polarion ALM artifacts to Jira assets and kickstart seamless collaboration throughout the lifecycle.


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Connect artifacts stored in Siemens Polarion ALM to your Jira assets and kickstart seamless collaboration throughout the lifecycle using OSLC Connect for Jira — benefit from live access to current artifacts at any time and bi-directional auditable links across tool repositories.



  • Design to the latest requirements
  • Enable seamless collaboration
  • Access to real-time data across critical tools
  • Maximize your development process
  • Operate in your tools of choice and share live information



  • Create secure and trusted links
  • Create Jira tickets from within Polarion
  • Track Polarion Change Requests from Jira
  • Access current data from Jira via rich hovers
  • Access Polarion Requirements from Jira
  • Drag and Drop Jira Issues into Polarion
  • Visualize your Collaboration Links
  • Observe Jira attributes in Polarion
  • Observe Polarion Status and Priority within Jira with Decorators


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What's New in Version 2.7.0

Updated September 2020

Changes for 2.7.0 release:
- Remote artifacts' priority and status visibility
- Enhanced Drag-and-Drop linking capability
- Enhanced Error Reporting
- Fixed skipped resources in LQE and LDX for issues with no creator user assigned

Changes for 2.4.0 release:
- Support for Issue Approvals
- Support for Siemens Polarion
- Embedded Help
- Editable Friends and Consumers
- Remote Authorization of Consumers' Provisional Keys
- License Request Assistance
- TRS Administration Page



Vendor SodiusWillert
Published Version 2.7.0 - September 2020
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Server Requirements:
- Jira Software Server version 7.6.4 to 8.17.1
- Jira Data Center version 7.6.4 to 8.17.1

Client Requirements
- Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Mozzila Firefox

Compatible Applications
- Siemens Polarion ALM 2018 SR3 (3.18.3) and later
Last tested with Polarion 21 R1 (3.21.1)

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