Polarion Connector for Atlassian JIRA

 Polarion Connector for Attlassian JIRA lets you synchronize JIRA Issues and Polarion Work Items both ways.


Polarion Connector for Atlassian JIRA is bundled with Polarion ALM.
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While Polarion provides solutions that encompass all aspects of the application life cycle, it may not always be possible or realistic for organization to adopt Polarion solutions for the full spectrum. For example, your team or department might want to use Polarion for requirements management, but other teams or departments are currently unable or unwilling to adopt the Polarion solution applicable to their function.

When Polarion Software identifies sufficiently widespread demand for inter-operation with third party systems or tools in order to help prospective customers remove barriers to adoption of a Polarion solution within their organizations, the company develops Connectors for these third-party tools and systems. Connectors are integrated directly into the Polarion platform rather than implemented as extensions. Connectivity and inter-operation is configurable directly in platform's Administration interface, in the Connectors topic, and technical support is provided according to the customer's subscription plan.



Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 3.7.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements Polarion ALM 2013, Polarion QA 2013 or Polarion REQUIREMENTS 2013