Nextedy CHECKLIST - actionable ToDo's on Work Item Form

 Extend your Polarion Work Items with action-able checklists and stay clear on what needs to be done to satisfy your workflow process.


Nextedy CHECKLIST allows you to extend your Polarion Work Items with action-able checklists and stay clear on what needs to be done to satisfy your workflow process.

  • Manage workflow criteria without subtasks
  • Define Checklist Templates for recurring processes
  • The interactive editor makes formal checklists easy-to-process


Manage Work Items workflow criteria without subtasks

Stop using Subtasks for simple tracking. Use Checklist instead. The out of the box workflow functions and conditions ensure that workflow transition can be performed only if the mandatory checklist items are processed.


Interactive editor makes formal checklists easy-to-process

Instantly see, from the work item detail view, the status and progress of the checklist along with which items are mandatory and which ones completed.

Checklist Controls


Define Checklist Templates for recurring processes

Define a checklist template and make your checklist centrally managed. All changes to checklist templates are instantly promoted to all the work items. This is useful for Definition of Done, Acceptance Criteria and recurring processes.


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What's New in Version 1.7.1

Updated January 2020

1.7.1 - Jan 21, 2019
- ulti-line notes/replies

1.7.0 - Jan 20, 2019
- Attach notes/replies to the checklist items

1.6.0 - Jan 15, 2019
- Support for control who can define the checklist and when? See documentation

1.5.2 - Jan 14, 2019
- Fix for a small bug that it writes to an error log an error, that does not actually has any impact

1.5.1 - Jan 14, 2019
- Support for summary (statistics) field - See documentation

1.5.0 - Jan 12, 2019
- Initial public release

1.0.* - Dec 12, 2019
- Custom development for a client




Vendor Nextedy
Published Version 1.7.1 - January 2020
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Requires Polarion 2018 SR1 (3.18.1) and newer
Tested with Polarion 2018 SR1 (3.18.1) and 2019 SR3 (3.19.3)

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