Multilevel Traceability Widget

 This widget can be configured to display a multilevel traceability table, including: workitem fields, resources (source code) and latest test execution results.


This widget displays a Multilevel Traceability table fully configurable to your needs. You can add up to 20 columns and configure which link roles, workitem types and custom fields (in cell or as columns) that will be displayed. The widget can also display Test Case results (latest or from a query) and Linked Resources (eg: Source Code).

This extension delivers a reporting widget that can be installed to your global or project widget library.


  • Download the extension
  • Unpack the zip file
  • follow README txt


Known Limitations:

  • The widget can only be used in a Project - not on a Live Report stored on the Global Repository level.



What's New in Version 9.0

Updated June 2021

Changes for 9.0
- Adding a new configuration option for displaying Link Roles

Changes for 8.0
- Fixing an issue with localization tags in Polarion 20 R1+
- Adding a new configuration option for displaying custom fields as columns
- Adding a new configuration option for specifying the direction of the links that will be used for each column
- Removing the explicit loading of jQuery

Changes for 7.0
- Adding a new widget configuration option for a repository wide test run query for retreiving test execution results

Changes for 6.0
- Sort columns by work item ID in ascending order
- Fix issue with work item fields expand & collapse

Changes for 5.0
- Complete cleanup of the widget's code
- Implemented the Work Item Sidebar functionality
- Changed the styling for the +/- button that shows/hides the additional WI fields
- All rendered fields that contain a white background are now rendered without it
- Button "+" no longer triggers the WI Sidebar, it just expands the WI Fields
- The WI Sidebar is now disabled by default
- Implemented Dependencies - all fields/enum widget parameters now change their scope as the scope of the initial Data Set is changed
- Complete rework of widget Description, Details and associated changes in widget parameter titles
- The traceability table is no longer empty when Type is set to Document and a Document from a different project is selected
- The Field ID is now rendered as a label when a non-existent field ID is specified in the Work Item Fields to Display widget parameter
- The widget's code was reworked to use as little of the Open API as possible, it was replaced by the Rendering API calls
- Reworked the Suspect functionality to use the Rendering API
- Added a widget parameter Show Icon for Suspect Items to allow switching the Suspect icons off
- Removed unused code for importing of resources & removed unused resources folder
- Reorganized all JavaScript code
- Finished Open API -> Rendering API conversion and cleanup

Changes for 4.0
- Added a new parameter to display links to Resources
- Custom Field label is now displayed instead of ID for the WI Attributes
- Added a new parameter for displaying the latest Test Execution Results
- Added localization keys
- Added a new parameter for specifying a Query to exclude selected Work Items from the initial Data Set
- All URL Links are now opened in a new panel
- Solved an issue with sorting when the Work Item has a "-" character in its prefix
- Fixed a header border issue when an option to show table borders is enabled
- An empty table and a warning is now displayed when no Work Items are returned by the first column Query

Changes for 3.0
- Fixed issue where OSLC parents were displayed as children
- Work Items in the first column are now sorted by ID

Changes for 2.0
- Enhanced to show Cross Project Links, table border, hide Work Item fields
- Added support to display Reference Work Items in the first column, OSLC Links and support report execution in Baseline when selecting Documents
- Enhanced to support a new parameter to display only the linked Work Items that are referenced in the current Project

Release 1.0
- Initial Release



Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 9.0 - June 2021
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Last tested on Polarion 21 R1 (3.21.1)

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