Multilevel Traceability Widget

 This widget can be configured to display a Multilevel Traceability Table including Work Item fields, Resources (source code) and latest Test Execution results.


This widget displays a Multilevel Traceability table fully configurable to your needs. You can add up to 20 columns and configure which link roles, Work Item types, and custom fields (in a cell or as columns) that will be displayed. The widget can also display Test Case results (latest or from a query) and Linked Resources (eg: Source Code).

This extension delivers a reporting widget that can be installed in your global or project widget library.



  • Download the extension
  • Unpack the zip file
  • Follow README.txt


Known Limitations:

  • The widget can only be used in a Project - not on a LiveReport page stored on the Global Repository level.


What's New in Version 9.1

Updated May 2023

Changes for 9.1
- Fixed an issue with Test Results not being displayed when a Test Case is in another Project than the Test Run (Credit: Timo Tin Pe from Vibracoustic)

Changes for 9.0
- Added a new configuration option for displaying Link Roles

Changes for 8.0
- Fixed an issue with localization tags in Polarion 20 R1+
- Added a new configuration option for displaying custom fields as columns
- Added a new configuration option for specifying the direction of the links that will be used for each column
- Removed the explicit loading of jQuery

Changes for 7.0
- Introduced a new widget configuration option for a repository-wide Test Run query for retrieving Test Execution Results

Changes for 6.0
- Adjusted the sorting of columns by Work Item ID in ascending order
- Fixed an issue with Work Item fields expanding & collapsing

Changes for 5.0
- Complete cleanup of the widget's code
- Implemented the Work Item Sidebar functionality
- Changed the styling for the +/- button that shows/hides the additional WI fields
- All rendered fields that contain a white background are now rendered without it
- Button "+" no longer triggers the WI Sidebar, it just expands the WI Fields
- The WI Sidebar is now disabled by default
- Implemented Dependencies - all fields/enum widget parameters now change their scope as the scope of the initial Data Set is changed
- Complete rework of widget Description, Details, and associated changes in widget parameter titles
- The traceability table is no longer empty when Type is set to Document and a Document from a different project is selected
- The Field ID is now rendered as a label when a non-existent field ID is specified in the Work Item Fields to Display widget parameter
- The widget's code was reworked to use as little of the Open API as possible, it was replaced by the Rendering API calls
- Reworked the Suspect functionality to use the Rendering API
- Added a widget parameter Show Icon for Suspect Items to allow switching the Suspect icons off
- Removed unused code for importing resources & removed unused resources folder
- Reorganized all JavaScript code
- Finished Open API -> Rendering API conversion and cleanup

Changes for 4.0
- Added a new parameter to display links to Resources
- Custom Field label is now displayed instead of ID for the WI Attributes
- Added a new parameter for displaying the latest Test Execution Results
- Added localization keys
- Added a new parameter for specifying a Query to exclude selected Work Items from the initial Data Set
- All URL Links are now opened in a new panel
- Solved an issue with sorting when the Work Item has a "-" character in its prefix
- Fixed a header border issue when an option to show table borders is enabled
- An empty table and a warning is now displayed when no Work Items are returned by the first column Query

Changes for 3.0
- Fixed an issue where OSLC parents were displayed as children
- Work Items in the first column are now sorted by ID

Changes for 2.0
- Enhanced to show cross-project links, table-border, hide Work Item fields
- Added support to display referenced Work Items in the first column, OSLC Links, and support report execution in a Baseline when selecting Documents
- Enhanced to support a new parameter to display only the linked Work Items that are referenced in the current Project

Release 1.0
- Initial Release



Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 9.1 - May 2023
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Last tested with Polarion 22 R2 (3.22.2)

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