Looking to write a new extension?

Got an idea for an extension? Got one already developed or in the works? Here is your starting point.

One of the best reasons to share your plugin is that you might attract other developers to help you with it. The Polarion community is growing each day and we are sure you will not only get useful feedback, but also find people who could help you to improve your extension or keep it up-to-date with future Polarion releases.



Setup: The Siemens Polarion SDK is part of each Polarion installation. We recommend you to download a local copy of Polarion ALM to test your extension without affecting your production environment. (The SDK can be found in c:/Polarion/polarion/sdk and you can browse it in http://YOURSERVERADDRESS/polarion/sdk/index.html)

Here is an instructional video describing Polarion SDK basics that can help get you started.


Develop: The SDK contains various examples and tutorials on how to create different kinds of extensions: workflow functions, calculations, importers, and more. Another great input source is existing extensions - you can download them from this Siemens Polarion Extension Portal.


Release: Share your killer extension with the Polarion community! Read about licensing, sharing, documentation and how to announce your plugin.




Are all the extensions free or can I ask for money?
Many of the extensions are for free, you're also free to charge for your plugin if you want - we have a commercialization process and if you are interested, please contact us soon so we can review your entry. Submit

What license should I use to publish my extension?
We recommend to release your plugin under Apache2 license. Read more on release page.

How can I add a new app or template to Siemens Polarion Extension Portal?
You are on the right page, just follow points 1 – 3 from the top and you are there.

Where can I ask questions about Siemens Polarion API usage?
You can discuss any issues related to the Polarion Open, Rendering and Webservice APIs with the Polarion team and other plugin developers in our forums.