Release your extension

So you now that have implemented your Polarion extension you would like to share your work with others.

Here's how:


1) License

We recommend that you release your extension under the Apache2 license. Like any free software license , this one allows users of the software the freedom to use it for any purpose: to distribute it, to modify it, and to distribute modified versions of the software, in accordance with the terms of the license. 

If you wish to publish your extension under different license, please email us.


2) Share

Your extension is developed, your source code or template exists in your local file system. We can now provide you a space in the Polarion Community's SVN repository where you can host your files for future development. 

It is not mandatory to use this repository. However, doing so will make it easy for other developers to collaborate and help improve or maintain your extension. To use this space just send us an email to


3) Document

Before sending us your extension, please ensure you document it well. You should start by thinking of a short and understandable title and a short description. Be sure to describe the installation and setup procedure, and also take some screenshots. One screenshot helps more then 10 lines of text!


4) Release

To submit an extension for release, please download and then fill in Submission_Form.rtf and send it via email, attaching a ZIP archive of your extension, to If accepted, Polarion Software will publish your submission on the Polarion POP site. Polarion Software reserves right to request changes before accepting any entry, or to reject the entry and not publish it if the entry lacks basic documentation, is not fully operational, or is not, in Polarion Software's sole judgment, conducive or beneficial to the Polarion Community.