Traceability Table: 3-Level Traceability

 Display traceability information on three levels. Each level can be defined by its own query. Optionally display all linked revisions in Subversion. Example: Requirements - Test Cases - Defects


This extension is related to the Classic Wiki technology that is now outdated and replaced by our new LivePage format. We still maintain Classic Wiki but we are no longer extending its feature set.

Please consider implementing the use case you are looking for using a LivePage.

This little wiki macro allows you to display traceability information in three levels. Each level is customizable by 2 parameters.

  1. query
  2. commit to SVN

Detailed information on how to use the macro can be found on the wiki page itself.

The Example wiki page demonstrates how you can build custom pages with their own parameters which execute the macro.


The script can take some time to perform the calculation, as it has to iterate through each item found by the root query. Then it has to check if the item has a linked item which was found by the middle query. Then it has to check if the item has a linked item which was found by the end query.

So be patient if you query for 2000+ items in root query. Also be aware that you may need to increase the memory for the Java process.

Tested on Polarion 2010

I have not tested the query on older versions of Polarion. It should also work in 3.x.

Installation of the TraceabilityTable macro

  1. Create a new wiki page TraceabilityTable on the repository level in wiki space macros: macros/TraceabilityTable
  2. Copy content of TraceabilityTable.txt into the created wiki page in macros/TraceabilityTable.
  3. Save the page

Installation of the custom TraceabilityTable page

  1. 1) Create a new wiki page in your project (it will not work in the repository wiki space), and give it any name.
  2. Copy content from CustomTraceabilityTable.txt to your wiki page.
  3. Save your page.


Vendor Tim Pence (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.0 - July 2013
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion 2010