Scalable, Nested, Graphical Gantt Project Plan

 A WiKi page showing Polarion live plan as common Gantt diagram. Tasks are sorted by parent relations and start date. They are hierarchically nested and the depth can be dynamically changed. The planned duration from the live plan is used to show scaled graphical bars so that one page fills the complete project plan. Summary tasks are rendered black/italic. Date ranges and time points can be set via the UI and you can change the scale dynamically.


Export to PDF is tested with PDFCreator (printer) on IE/Firefox. This enables you to immediately export (customized) plans to your customer that show the remaining work to be done.There are several parameters that can be changed easily in the WiKi-page, or extracted to the UI.


  • Titles and summary tasks are shown completely, which is not the case in liveplans
  • The complete range of the plan is pictured
  • Ranges of depth and planning horizon can be changed via UI
  • The concept of a WiKi page allows easy and immediate enhancements to the output and the UI



Create a WiKi page and copy&paste the content of „“ into it.
Temporary drawing problems for Firefox can be solved by typing <Ctrl +>. This page is not tested enough and has no product status!



Vendor Marc Dzaebel (H&D)
Published Version 1.1 - March 2010
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements WiKi Scripting Tool (PE-174)