Workflow Function: Create Baseline

 Workflow action which can create a customizable Polarion baseline or optionally copies the current revision number into a custom string field of the Work Item.


Workflow action which can create a customizable Polarion baseline or optionally copies the current revision number into a custom string field of the Work Item.  This can be pretty handy for review tasks which point to modules/wiki pages which have to be reviewed.  As soon as the workflow action is performed the link to the module/wiki page is frozen and a baseline can be created.  In that way you will always now what revision of the module/wiki page has been approved and you will also have a link to that revision.


  1. Review task has some custom fields which be used for baseline creation.
  2. User performs action approve.
  3. Baseline number is added to workitem. Additionally you can create a Polarion baseline. Also the link which points to the module/wiki page is frozen.


How To Install:

  1. Copy com.polarion.workflow.functions.createBaseline_x.x.x.jar into polarion/polarion/plugins
  2. Restart Polarion server.

Verify Your Installation

  1. Switch to administartion perspective to the topic workflow
  2. In workflow configuration of a work item you should see now the custom workflow function createBaseline


baselineField - custom string field which provides the name of the baseline which is created. Your workflow configuration should make sure that this has some value. If not provided title of workitem will be used as name of baseline [type=string]
baselineNamePrefix - optional Prefix which can be added to the baseline name [type=string]
revisionField - custom string field which will contain the revision number of the created baseline. As revision number the global repository revision number is used. [type=string]
statusInDescription - add old status of work item to the description field of the baseline [type=string]
statusPrefix - add a prefix to the old status inside baseline description field [type=string]
actionInDescription - add performed action to the baseline description. [type=string]
actionPrefix - add a prefix to the action inside baseline description [type=string]
baselineDescription - string which contain the baseline description [type=string]
baselineDescriptionField - custom string field which contains the baseline description. This will be appended to the static description field. This allows you to define through workflow the description of the baseline.
addEnumToName - adds the content of a custom enum/string field before prefix and baseline name  [type=string, enum}
freezeHyperlinkRole - checks all hyperlinks which have that role and adds a revision postfix (e.g. ?rev=1234) to the link so that the link points to the baseline revision.[type=string, default value=internal]
frozenHyperlinkRole - hyperlink role will be change to following link role so that you see at once that the link points to a specific revision [type=string, default value=frozen]
createPolarionBaseline - must be set to true if a Polarion baseline should be created as well [type=boolean, default value=false]

Example Configuration:
<function name="CreateBaseline">
   <param name="baselineField" value="myBaselineTitle"/>
   <param name="revisionField" value="myBaselineField"/>
   <param name="statusPrefix" value=" From status: "/>
   <param name="actionPrefix" value=" performed action: "/>
   <param name="baselineNamePrefix" value="Reviewed: "/>
   <param name="createPolarionBaseline" value="true"/>

Baseline Title = Reviewed: MyModule
Baseline Description = From status: draft performed action: review

HINT: this configuration only works if you have defined following custom fields of type string for the workitem:
- myBaselineTitle
- myBaselineField


Vendor Tim Pence (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.0.6 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion API license available