Include content from HTML pages into Wiki pages

 Before this extension, there was only one suggested way to include content from some HTML page (e.g. a custom servlet or some external web page) into Polarion Wiki pages, and that was by using an iframe. The big disadvantage of this approach is that the content in the iframe won't be included if you export the Wiki page to PDF. With the approach explained in this extension you will be able to export a Wiki page including the external content


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This extension is related to the Classic Wiki technology that is now outdated and replaced by our new LivePage format. We still maintain Classic Wiki but we are no longer extending its feature set.

Please consider implementing the use case you are looking for using a LivePage.


Please be warned that this could stop working with some of the future versions of Polarion ALM, because it uses an internal API. But something similar will be definitely possible (e.g. custom macros). Including content from servlets is only possible if no authentication is required.


Copy and paste the content of macro.txt into your Wiki page. Use #includeExternal("<Servers base url>""<Path to content that should be included>")


Use #includeExternal("""polarion/...") to include servlets hosted on the Polarion server.


Vendor Ben Gleei (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.