GetPolarionProperties Library

 Library for widgets and servlets allowing access to the Polarion Configuration Properties


Problem description

When using widgets and servlets, you often want to parametrize these for a specific Polarion-Project. Currently, the only way to parametrize especially servlets is using the file “” on the server. But with that, the following problems occur:

  • The parameters managed in “” are global for all projects on that server, different configurations for different Polarion-Projects are not possible.
  • Modifications cannot be done from within Polarion but need server access.
  • To take over modifications, Polarion must be restarted, which is not convenient in productional environments.


Our solution

Polarion allows project-specific “Configuration Properties” – the “Default Repository” does the same globally overall projects. But Polarion does not allow you to access these “Configuration Properties” via an interface.

Invenio created an easy-to-use JAVA library to close this gap. It allows direct access to the Polarion Configuration Properties for own Java applications like e.g., Polarion-Servlets.



Request the value of the configuration property by using the method „getPropertyValue(String projectPath, String propertyName)”.

The return object is an instance of class “PropertyElement” containing a status and the property value:

    public class PropertyElement{
       public int status = 0;
       public String value = "";



  • The getPolarionProperties-library
  • User and Installation Manual



The getPolarionProperties library is a commercial extension. Please visit our homepage or contact us directly via a contact form.



Vendor Invenio Systems Engineering GmbH
Published Version 1.0.0 - June 2023
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1)
Last tested with Polarion 2304 (3.23.4)