Hiding Linked WIs Icons From WI View Header

 Allows hiding icons of linked work items from the header in the WI panel view (above and below title). Users can customize default visibility, fade effect, and control (checkbox) availability.


How to Install

  1. Download and unzip the packaged extension
  2. Move the folder bin/com.adva.polarion.formextension.hidelinked from the zip file into:
    <Polarion Installation Folder>/polarion/extensions/
  3. Restart Polarion


How to Use

  1. Go to the Administration - Work Items - Form Configuration
  2. Add/Edit Form Layout of the Work Item type you want to add the Hide Linked Items Form to
  3. Add a line defining the extension with parameters:
    id - always "hide_linked_items_extension",
    label - always "Hide Linked Items",
    fade_effect - "true" for adding fade effect at disappearing linked items,
    show_checkbox - "false" for not showing checkbox control for managing linked items visibility,
    default_hide - "false" for showing linked items by default


<extension id="hide_linked_items_extension" label="Hide Linked Items" fade_effect="true" show_checkbox="true" default_hide="true"/>


Useful Tips


Known Limitations

  • The extension relays on the HTML schema of the WI properties view as defined in Polarion 20 R2
    • In case of changes to the UI in the following versions some adjustments may be necessary for the file hide_linked_items.vm




Vendor ADVA Optical Networking SE
Published Version 1.0.0 - January 2021
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1) and newer
Last tested on Polarion 20 R2 (3.20.2)