Custom Enumeration Factories

 This plugin adds additional object Enumerations for Documents, Rich Pages, Test Runs, and Plans. It includes additional enumerations for Work Items, Plan Templates, Repository Plans and Test Run Templates.


Available Extensions

  • Work Items 
    • default - NOT type:heading AND
    • with query - NOT type:heading AND (query)
  • Work Items (No ID)
    • default - NOT type:heading AND
    • with query - NOT type:heading AND (query)
  • Plan Templates
    • default -
    • with query - query
  • Repository Plans
    • default - "" (empty query)
    • with query - query
  • Test Run Templates
    • default -
    • with query - query


How to Install

Copy the "bin/com.polarion.alm.custom.enumerationfactories"  folder into the "extensions" folder of your Polarion installation.


Useful Tips

  • Always try to limit the scope of objects being added to the object enumeration.
    • This especially applies to Work Item object enumerations.
    • Having more than several hundred objects in a single list of values, for a single enumeration, can greatly affect performance.




Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 1.0.11 - February 2020
Price Free
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements Polarion 2018 GA (3.18.0) and newer
Verified with Polarion 2304 (3.23.4)
This plugin is included in all Polarion X Enterprise customer instances.

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