Test Run Counter

 This wiki page counts the Test Run records of all Test Cases. It also writes this number in a custom field of each Test Case by which Test Cases can be sorted.


This extension is related to the Classic Wiki technology that is now outdated and replaced by our new LivePage format. We still maintain Classic Wiki but we are no longer extending its feature set.

Please consider implementing the use case you are looking for using a LivePage.


If you assign a lot of Test Cases to different Test Runs, at some point you lose the overview of how often each Test Case has been run through. So far, you can only see what Test Cases are completed in a Test Run, but not how often.


To get a better overview, this wiki page counts the test results of each Test Run and assigns them to the Test Cases. Thus this extension has the possibility to sort the Test Cases according to the frequency of Test Runs and defects which Test Cases were not or, only slightly tested.

On the wiki page you will get a detailed overview of all Test Cases.


  1. Create a custom field with:
    1. Id "testrunCount"
    2. Type: int
  2. Create a wiki page with the extension content.
  3. Just open the wiki page. When opening the wiki page the data is assigned to the test cases. Because of that it will take a short time until it is fully loaded.


Vendor Neofora
Published Version 1.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.