Work Item Relations Visualization (WIRVI)

 A Wiki Page which shows the relations between selected work items via Graphviz. You can choose between global, project, or user defined configuration. It also prompts warnings (admins only), if a work item has no link role at all or vice versa.


WIRVI enables you to visualize the from-to relations between either all existing Work Items or those who are submitted in the correspondending macro parameter.

The Information is extracted from two enumerations:

workitem-type-enum.xml, and workitem-link-role-enum.xml

These files exist on the global level and also for each project, the selection is also done by a parameter.  If you have stored these files in a different location, you can also access them by submitting the path.

You can also see if there is something wrong with your link roles (e.g. a link role exists but the Work Item in it is not defined in the type file). These warnings are only visible to admins or can be completely turned of via the parameter.

Parameter Description:

$p_objects $p_display_warnings $p_path_option $p_path_objects $p_path_relations $p_graphsize

$p_objects                        : one or more ID of the WI(objects) one would like to display the relations for(have to exist in the xml docs!)
                                               default: all

$p_display_warnings    : true .. display warnings only if the current user is admin, false .. don't display warnings at all
                                               default: false

$p_path_option              : g ... use global files, l ... use local project files,
                                               d ... use defined files($p_path_objects and $p_path_relations are active now)

                                               default: g

$p_path_objects            : total path of the xml file(workitem-typ-enum)
$p_path_relations          : total path of the xml file(workitem-link-role-enum)

$p_graphsize                    : controlls the size of the graphviz output

Sample Use:

#wirvi("task, defect" true "d""/.polarion/anything/workitem-type-enum.xml""/.polarion/anything/workitem-link-role-enum.xml" 8)


Vendor Philipp Pausakerl (Kapsch TrafficCom)
Published Version 1.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion ALM 2012 + graphviz installed ( + Extension: "Wiki Scripting Tools" and "Polarion Scripting" provided by PolarionPOP