Test Linked Work Items

 Query expander plugin, enabling the query language to list Work Items according to whether they are linked or not linked to others.



The com.polarion.alm.extensions.testLinkedWorkitems plugin is a query expander plugin, enabling the query language to list Work Items based on whether they are linked or not linked to other Work Items.


If testing for linked Work Items, the attributes of the linked items can be taken into account too. The extension is delivered as zip archive that includes only one jar archive. This jar archive includes the code and the readme.txt

Query Syntax:

$test[.not].linked|backlinked(<query1>[, <linkRole>], <query2>)

  • The '.not' part is optional.
  • The linked or backlinked part is compulsory, but can be either/or.
  • The <query1> and <query2> elements are compulsory
  • The <linkRole> element is optional (in between the two queries); it can be a vaild link role, the keyword ALL (case insensitive), or an empty argument:  (<query1>, <query2>)
  • The Macro may preceeded or followed by other queries

(Not all of the examples actually make sense - they just show the combinations.)

$test.not.linked(, && status:released)
$test.not.backlinked(, && status:released)
$test.backlinked(,, && status:released)
$test.linked(, aLL, && status:released)
$test.linked(, tests, && status:released)


Since the plugin first lists Work Item candidates (query1) and then tests each for its link relation plus attributes of the linked as applicable (query2), returning the candidates' IDs on success, and producing a long ORed Work Item ID list, the plugin is rather slow on querying a lot of Work Items (highly depends on query1).


Also, there is a limit on the number of Boolean expressions in a query (Polarion's limitation in general not the plugin itself), resulting in the following error message: 'too many boolean clauses' due to the long ORed Work Item ID list produced by the plugin (depends on combination of query1 and query2)



Vendor Roman Kellner (Bombardier)
Published Version 1.1.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements The plugin was written and tested with Polarion version 2010 (3.4.1). Also works with Polarion version 2011.