Role Based SVN Access

 Manage SVN repository access according to Polarion roles. If you don't want to grant some user(s) access to the entire SVN repository, and you don't want to modify the access file manually, then Role Based SVN Access is what you need!


What it does


This Polarion job creates access rules for each SVN project location based on Polarion project roles.


Access rules are created according to these Polarion roles:

  • project_admin
  • project_user
  • project_developer
  • project_assignable


You can configure:

  • Automatic execution after each change to project roles
  • Public projects (access is granted for any user)
  • Ignored projects (no rules are generated)
  • Roles for which to deny access
  • Additional roles for which to grant access 

How to use

  • Add the following line at the end of your SVN access file:


Access rules are added below this line, the lines above remain unchanged.

  • Copy the JAR file into your Polarion plugins directory and restart Polarion
  • Create a job as described below 


<job name="RoleBasedAccess.job" id="RoleBasedAccess.job">











This is the recommended configuration.


Allowed values for autoExecute:

0 - no automatic execution

1 -  trigger job when global roles are changed

2 -  trigger job when any roles are changed

Please note that automaticExecution remains active if you restart Polarion. You don't have to re-execute the job.

Sample output

[1] [/XP Demo/xpthree]

[2] @admin = rw

[3] @user =

[4] @xpthree-project_admin = rw

[5] @xpthree-project_user = rw


2: according to readWriteAccessForAllProjects

3: according to denyAccess

3-5: these lines are omitted for public projects

New feature in version 1.1.0

 Apply access rules to other SVN locations. Create a folder named rolebasedaccess in the Polarion project folder, create a SVN property rolebasedaccess:linkedlocations for that folder. Add SVN locations as values (one per line), e.g. /Source_Code and access rules will be added for the specified locations according to the Polarion project roles.  Only admin and project_admin users will be able to modify the property.

Sample output:

[/XP Demo/xpone]

@admin = rw

@user =

@xpone-project_admin = rw

@xpone-project_user = rw


[/XP Demo/xpone/rolebasedaccess]

@user =

@admin = rw

@xpone-project_admin = rw



@admin = rw

@user =

@xpone-project_admin = rw

@xpone-project_user = rw



@admin = rw

@user =

@xpone-project_admin = rw

@xpone-project_user = rw

Additional notes

Developed and tested with Polarion Version 2010 (single repository) on Windows


Vendor Manuel Sprock (Phoenix Contact)
Published Version 1.1.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.