Software Documentation Project Template

 Powerful features for software documentation teams: Track documentation issues, develop and/or manage documentation in a data-driven environment with automated workflow, create traceability between documentation and documented features/requirements, support multiple localizations with traceability from each language back to main language and the requirements/implementation.


Polarion ALM 2010 or Polarion Requirements 2010


1. Create a folder named "software_documentation" and unzip the distribution archive into it.

   You should see the following in the software_documentation folder:
   - File: README.txt (this documentation)
   - File:
   - Folder: .polarion
   - Folder: _wiki
   - Folder: modules


2. Using the Repository Browser or any Subversion client, import the software_doc_template folder
   into .polarion/projects/templates/ in the Polarion repository that will host your projects.
   Example SVN commend line:
   svn import "software_doc_template" http://localhost:81/repo/polarion/templates/


It is recommended to install the template and instantiate a project in the Sandbox folder, selecting
the Software Documentation project template. To do this you must have permissions for creating
projects in the repository. See your Polarion admin if necessary.

After creating a project based on the template:
  1. The go to the project Home page and follow the little Tour panel (5 short panels).
  2. In Navigation, go to the Wiki topic and click Project Template Info to access the main page for
     that wiki space. It contains 2 wiki pages that you should study carefully.
  3. Start with the Project Template Overview page. This provides an in depth look at the template
     features and how to work with them.
 4.  Next, look at Project Configuration Info for some important info about a simple but important
     configuration you may need to do in projects instantiated from this template in order to get
    the full benefit of traceability from your  documentation to the requirements or implementation
    project used by your engineering team.  You need administration permissions for the project(s)
    to access the configuration. Work with your Polarion admin as needed.


Vendor Robert Palomo (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 0.5.0 - February 2010
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion ALM 2010 or Polarion Requirements 2010