semantha: AI-powered requirements evaluation

 With the semantha extension, you evaluate new requirements and stakeholder needs efficiently based on previously evaluated requirements and connect attributes from old to new with just a few clicks.


Requirements engineers have to read, check, and evaluate a large number of stakeholder needs and requirements on a regular basis. They usually do that manually – even though much of the content differs only slightly from what was already evaluated in the past. This not only costs time and money – it’s also error-prone. While Polarion serves as a comprehensive solution for managing the entire requirements lifecycle and provides full traceability, semantha seamlessly integrates and offers the toolkit needed to turn existing requirements knowledge into valuable insights. The adaptive AI understands text regardless of wording or language, enabling users to automatically compare and analyze any kind of stakeholder needs or requirements on a semantic level. Engineers benefit from several key functions that not only increase their productivity, but also put them in full control of their analysis results:


Product Features

  • Create a knowledge base: To leverage existing knowledge, you centralize data, such as stakeholder needs and customer requirements, via the semantha extension in Polarion. This library forms the knowledge base.
  • Knowledge-driven analysis: Based on this predefined knowledge, you can automatically compare new requirements on a semantic level with previously evaluated needs and requirements. This can be different types of requirements-related content, be they product-, customer-, or version-specific. In Polarion, the semantha extension then presents matching previously evaluated requirements to you – along with all related information and references.
  • Evaluate and connect related objects: With these helpful match results, you have a shortcut when checking the new requirements. You can also update attributes, such as scope, priority, and comments based on the attributes of the matching requirement, and create links with just a few clicks. In addition, the system displays the related work item in Polarion, providing you with clear reference points.
  • Stay in control: You are in full control and always have the autonomy to override semantha’s suggestions. You can review, approve, decline, and update attributes or perform 
  • linking manually. This ensures that corrections can be made by you whenever necessary, maintaining flexibility and accuracy. 
  • Get a report: To get an overview, users can generate comprehensive, detailed reports based on the data analyzed and the comparisons made. For example, after performing a version comparison, any new or differing stakeholder needs are highlighted.


Key Benefits

  • Data consistency: Future-proof data integration is ensured as the semantha and Polarion data models are fully compatible. The extension operates within established workflows and adheres to Polarion's item approval process, promoting consistency and reliability.
  • Traceability: The semantha extension builds upon Polarion's action traceability features making sure that every update, change, and manual override is properly attributed to the user.
  • Improved results: semantha iteratively refines its understanding and updates its knowledge through learning. The system stays in sync with users’ actions and decisions, assuring that new or updated information is taken into account in the future.
  • Efficiency boost: Productivity is increased many times over by processing new requirements using existing knowledge and connecting attributes with just a few clicks. Engineers no longer waste time on manual work and can focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Increased quality: With semantha, the risk of overlooking critical details can be reduced, while users are always in full control of their analysis results. Thanks to a consistent data structure and a reliable knowledge base, the overall quality of the requirements evaluation improves.



How to Get Started

  1. Get in contact with us.
  2. We’ll briefly discuss your use case and quickly set up the best solution for you.
  3. You’ll get access to semantha and can download the extension.
  4. You can deploy/configure the semantha extension. It takes less than 15 minutes and you’re ready to go.



Vendor thingsTHINKING GmbH
Published Version 7.0 - June 2024
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 2304 (3.23.4) and newer
Last tested with Polarion 2304 (3.23.4)