Plugin Manager for Polarion Administrators

 This extension displays information about installed extensions and Polarion server system information (free/used disk space, size of log files, config settings, CPU, memory, etc).


Designed with the needs of Polarion administrators in mind, the Plugin Manager simplifies the complex task of system and extension management, making it a valuable addition for ensuring the smooth operation of the Polarion environment.

This extension displays information about installed extensions and system information about the Polarion Server (free/used disk space, space used by log files, config settings, CPU, memory, etc).


Key Features

  • Visibility of Installed Extensions
  • Extension Status Monitoring
  • Comprehensive System Information (Server)
  • Detailed Polarion System Insights



  1. Copy the Plugin Manager JAR file to the path \polarion\extensions\plugin-manager-1.0.0\eclipse\plugins\plugin-manager-1.0.0.jar on the file system of the server where Polarion is hosted.
  2. Delete folders .metadata and .config in folder \Polarion\data\workspace\.
  3. Enable the following property in the file:
  4. Restart Polarion to complete the installation process.

Once installed, the Plugin Manager becomes an integral part of the Admin User Interface, providing a centralized and accessible platform for effective Polarion management.



Plugin Manager Showcase



We are looking forward to your feedback – this plugin will be developed further to address the needs of Polarion administrators.



Vendor GARANTIS IT Solutions Ltd. | IntechCore GmbH
Published Version 1.0 beta - December 2023
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 2304 (3.23.4) and newer
Windows, Linux
Last tested with Polarion 2310 (3.23.10)