Polarion Redmine Connector

 The Polarion Redmine Connector allows you to link Polarion Work Items to Redmine tickets and to create new Redmine tickets out of Polarion.


The Polarion Redmine Connector extends the form view of Work Items in Polarion to manage corresponding tickets in Redmine. Redmine tickets can be created and linked bidirectionally across the two tools.


Example Use Case
Redmine is often used as an overall ticket system. These Redmine tickets can have various sources and reasons: IT problems, tasks to do, and situations where something is not working as expected – which leads to a ticket being processed. And this also fits to performing test cases in Polarion, as failed tests typically generate issues there, too.

Besides the internal tests, a problem can be found in the field at a customer, and the standard way would be to raise a ticket in the overall ticket system – assuming this is Redmine here. This means we have two input channels – maybe even for the same kind of problems.

It would be nice if both sides know the other and information could be shared or linked. Also, this would help to avoid redundancies.

To solve this, our approach is to connect Polarion to Redmine by making Polarion a source for Redmine tickets.


There is no restriction to a dedicated Polarion Work Item Type. It can be an Issue or some other type:

  • Having a Polarion Work Item, you can create an identical Redmine ticket where you have a bidirectional link between Polarion and Redmine. The Redmine Ticket is generated for the tracker you select.
  • You can link a Polarion Work Item to an already existing Redmine ticket. Bidirectional links are established in the same way.
  • Generally, there is an “n-to-m” relation between Polarion Work Items and Redmine tickets.
  • You can remove an existing link between a Polarion Issue and a Redmine ticket.

Other advantages

  • Configuration is done using the „Configuration Properties“ in the Polarion standard GUI.
  • Configuration is project-specific.
  • No need to restart Polarion after a change of configuration.


User Interface on Polarion Side

  • Additional section in the form view of a Polarion Work Item
  • Full control via buttons
  • Indication of the linked Redmine Tickets as Hyperlinks


User Interface on Redmine Side

  • The additional custom field “Polarion-Links” contains all links to Polarion as a hyperlink.
  • Modification is correctly shown in the history of the Redmine ticket



  • Polaron Redmine Connector, a Polarion Plugin
  • Installation and User Manual



Vendor Invenio Systems Engineering GmbH
Published Version 1.0.0 - September 2023
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Redmine 4.0 and later
Polarion 20 R2 (3.20.2) and later
Last tested with Polarion 2304 (3.23.4)