Capital Embedded Connector for Polarion

 This extension connects ALM and AUTOSAR. The bridge between Polarion and Capital Embedded for AR Classic allows users to create trace links from AUTOSAR model elements to Polarion Work Items.


This extension fully integrates the Polarion UI into the Captial Embedded AR Classic tooling - the AUTOSAR solution of Siemens for configuring ECUs basic software and the virtual test and validation of the complete ECU software.

Most modern vehicle innovations and customer functions are implemented by software on electrical control units (ECUs). Those functions are steadily increasing and forming an arbitrary complex software-defined vehicle. Even a single ECU project of today demands detailed requirements management and tracing, thorough development processes, change, and impact analysis.

For legislation and safety, it is even a must and increasingly difficult to be compliant along the scaling functionality with manual workflows, loosely managed requirements, and without tool support. This risks achieving the required functionality, quality, time to market, and conformance to legislation, safety, and cybersecurity.


With Polarion ALM and domain-specific tools such as Capital Embedded AR Classic tooling that can interconnect and support ECU developers without risking project goals due to manual, disconnected, error-prone, and time-consuming work. With Capital Embedded AR Classic and its Connector for Polarion, ECU development is taken to the next level.

The Capital Embedded product follows the modern AUTOSAR model-based ECU development methodology. With consistency checks and code generation a correct ECU design, ECU configuration, and ECU integration is facilitated - where all model elements of the ECU project can be brought into an ALM context. All that is on a single source of truth that is shared and enables cross-domain collaboration. 

The solution scales from subsystem providers, over Tier-1 suppliers, to OEM scale in-house platform developments for the software-defined vehicle architecture.


For further details on the AUTOSAR offering of Siemens, visit



  • Enables truly connected and thorough ECU development
  • Enables full traceability between requirements and the data within Capital Embedded AR Classic tooling such as ECU extract, ECU configuration, software components, communication description, and more...
  • Supports regulatory compliance, safety, and security processes
  • Helps in change impact analysis, and requirements coverage
  • Gives the ECU integrator guidance in the integration process. Not only via documented requirements and specifications that are provided by the Polarion UI but also via the Polarion build-in collaboration, metrics, reports, processes, workflows, etc.


Product Features

  • Browse and access Polarion projects intuitively via the native Polarion UI via the Polarion Browser view
  • Create trace links between Work Items and AUTOSAR model elements via the Polarion Linker view
  • Follow trace links from Work Items to AUTOSAR model elements via the Polarion Browser view.
  • Create/display/filter a traceability matrix, e.g. requirements coverage analysis, or follow trace links from model elements to Work Items via the Polarion Traceability Matrix view.



No separate installation is required - the Capital Embedded AR Classic Connector is bundled with the tool and enabled with the appropriate license.


Configuration in Capital Embedded AR Classic tooling

  1. Select Window -> Preferences -> Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic -> Polarion Integration Configurations from the tool menu.
  2. Enter the URL of the Polarion instance and the user name into the respective field of the preferences page.



  1. Open the desired Polarion view e.g. over the quick access search text box and connect via the „login“ button to the Polarion instance.
  2. Add AUTOSAR model elements for Work Items or requirements trace link creation via right-clicking from various places in the tool and connect them to Work items in the Polarion Linker view.


For further help please consult the documentation shipped with the Captial Embedded AR Classic tooling or visit



Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version is dependent on the Capital Embedded AR Classic Integrator/Virtualizer - June 2023
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements Capital Embedded AR Classic Integrator/Virtualizer 2303 and newer
Polarion 22 R2 (3.22.2) and newer
Last tested with Polarion 22 R2 (3.22.2)