LemonTree.Connect Polarion for Enterprise Architect

 This integration allows users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, links, and references between Polarion and Enterprise Architect.


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LemonTree.Connect Polarion for Enterprise Architect is an integration between Polarion ALM and Enterprise Architect. This state-of-the-art integration is based on the latest technology and brings important updates for users of both systems.

The integration enables users to synchronize requirements, model attributes as well as links and references between Polarion ALM and Enterprise Architect. This makes it even easier to navigate back and forth between the two platforms while development data is automatically synchronized.

Overall, LemonTree.Connect closes the loop between requirements and model artifacts in an MBSE environment. For end-product developers with complex systems engineering processes, the software integration provides traceability, transparency, and increased speed of delivery. References between requirements are available in Enterprise Architect, while connections between requirements and architecture are represented in Polarion. This allows users to easily monitor and manage complex product delivery processes, even in regulated industries.


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What's New in Version 1.5.1

Updated March 2024

Changes for 1.5.1
Fixed Issues:
- Paginated Import of Documents failed - Fixed a bug where on import of very large document the pagination was not working correctly.
- Package name empty after document import - Version 1.5.0 introduced a bug where the import of a document caused the EA package name to be removed. The package name now will reflect the name of the document again.
- Classifier not exported - A problem with exporting the classifier property is fixed.
- Nested diagrams not exported - Diagrams of nested elements were not exported to Polarion.
- Certain EA properties not exported - Certain EA properties like UpperBound, LowerBound, DefaultValue, etc. were not exported properly.
- Import with increased page size fails - If you import a large number of elements and increase the page size in the EA addon configuration, this could lead to the import failing.

Changes for 1.5.0
What’s New:
- Support of Polarion 2310 - Version 1.5.0 of LemonTree.Connect Polarion officially supports Polarion version 2310.
- Login with personal access token - Connecting to a Polarion server is now supported using a personal access token. See Credentials for the Polarion Server for more details.
- API Log - In case of enabling the option "Extended logging", a more detailed log including API calls and their results is now created. See FAQs: Logging of LemonTree.Connect for more details.
- Diagram Image Extension configurable - The file type for images of diagrams that are created during exports can now be configured. Default is PNG, BPM, and JPG is also supported. Please refer to "DiagramImageFileExtension" in the documentation of the EA Addin Configuration for details.
- Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements - It is now possible to create a link role between an EA element and the diagrams visualizing this element during export to Polarion. See Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements for more details.
- New Polarion Project Template - An updated Polarion Project template for version 2310 is now available (LemonTree.Connect project template). A link role "visibleOn" was added for the feature Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements.
Fixed Issues:
- Crash on selecting a space - If a space was selected during an import, EA crashed in some cases.
- Missing projects on import - During import in the project selection dialog, not all Polarion projects were listed.
- No documents listed for spaces - Due to a bug in the Polarion API of version 2310, no documents were listed for a selected space.
- Reported changes for empty EA tags - During export to Polarion, empty tagged values that are mapped have caused continuously reported changes.
- EA date properties exported in UTC - EA date time properties (like modified and created date) were written to Polarion in UTC. This is now fixed and date times will be written in the corresponding time zone.
- Failing export due to fields with equal names - There was a problem if the Polarion project (templates) included multiple fields with the same name.
- Enum Tagged Values from profiles are not created properly - If an import from Polarion created a stereotype element including tagged values with value options (enums), the enum was not properly set.
- Instability with large EAP(x) models - There was a problem with long-running write operations into large EAP(x) files.

Changes for 1.4.0
What’s New:
- Support Import of custom enum fields - Polarion custom fields that use enums as values can now be considered in the mapping and imported.
- Warning for missing ea_guid Polarion field - When exporting to Polarion, you need to add a custom field called "ea_guid" to let LemonTree synchronize the elements. If this field is not present, a warning will be shown to the user.

Fixed Issues:
- Export of external classifier - If an element from outside the export package was referenced as a classifier, LemonTree did not export the classifier to Polarion.
- EA window in background - During Import or Export, EA was always sent to the background.
- Diagrams deleted during export - During export to Polarion, Diagram work items were deleted, even if the Delete detection mechanism was not enabled.


Changes for 1.3.0
What’s New:
- Support Import of Documents - Work Items can now be imported either from the project or a specific space and document.
- Placeholder Handling - If you import elements referencing non-imported elements, Placeholders are created now.
- Display Change Impact - Before importing or exporting you can now see the impact of the operation (count of new, changed, and deleted elements/diagrams).
- Addin Windows are modal Dialogs now - All Addin-related windows are now shown as modal dialogs, except for the dialog listing elements to be deleted from the EA model (menu Specialize > LemonTree.Connect Polarion > Deleted Elements > Delete Elements from EA Project).
- Latest Version Check - If a newer version of LemonTree.Connect is available, an additional menu entry will be shown, indicating the new update.
- Mapping multiple EA Types to a single Polarion Work Item Type - It is now possible to map multiple EA Element Types to a single Polarion Work Item Type. For this to work, all Polarion projects used for export have to include a custom field called my_uml_type.
Fixed Issues:
- Import: Headings had to be mapped - Heading can be optionally mapped to import them to EA. If they are not mapped, they are skipped and the work items are imported directly.
- Suspected Links are set between Polarion Elements - If imported elements were updated and had links between each other, those links were incorrectly flagged as suspected.
- Classifier/Type not exported - The classifier/type property of elements was not exported correctly.
- Deleted Links are set on connectors to manually created items - During import, elements not coming from EA were incorrectly marked as deleted.
- Type-specific custom fields are not working - Custom fields can now be added for individual work item types.
- Exception when removing items via "Delete Elements from EA Project" - In some cases, there was an exception when deleting elements from the EA project, which have been marked with the <> stereotype.
- Importing from Projects with a large number of Elements - If a Polarion Project contains multiple thousand elements, the reading of the project causes issues. Handling these projects is now more stable, however, a special configuration on the Polarion side might be needed.

Changes for 1.2.0
What’s New:
- Support of Polarion version 2304 - Polarion Version 2304 is now officially supported. The version setting for version 22 in the Server Configuration dialog is not needed anymore.
- Migration of Mapping Path - Mapping configurations are now loaded from %programdata% instead of the install folder of LemonTree.Connect.
- See Mapping Configuration for more details.
- Delete Handling for Elements: Import - Elements in EA that were imported from Polarion are now marked as deleted if they were deleted in Polarion.
- See Handling of Deleted Elements during Import from Polarion for more details.
- Delete Handling for Elements: Export - Work Items in Polarion exported from EA are now marked moved to an "Obsolete Items" item if they were deleted in EA.
- See Handling of Deleted Elements during Export to Polarion for more details.
- Delete Handling for Links: Import - Connectors in EA that were imported from Polarion are now marked as deleted if they were deleted in Polarion.
- See Handling of Deleted Elements during Import from Polarion for more details.
- Delete Handling for Links: Export - Work Item Link Roles in Polarion exported from EA are now deleted if they were deleted in EA.
- See Handling of Deleted Elements during Export to Polarion for more details.
- Menu for resolving elements marked as deleted in EA - A menu was introduced to resolve Elements in EA that have been marked as deleted.
- See Resolving deleted Elements in EA for more details.
- EA Parameters added to default mapping - EA Parameters (of Operations) were added to the default mapping deployed with LemonTree.Connect.
Fixed Issues:
- Refresh after Import - Sometimes, the EA project browser was not refreshed properly after an Import from Polarion.
- Export Logs in the background - The open file dialog for exporting the log files was occasionally behind the EA window.
- Reload diagram after removing suspected flag - Diagrams were not properly reloaded after suspected stereotypes were removed.
- Support of Export to Custom Fields - Custom fields are now supported properly for export. Supported custom field types are String, Text, and Rich Text.
- Diagram Update after Import - If new connectors are created during an Import, LemonTree.Connect now updates diagrams correctly and adds new diagram links.


Vendor LieberLieber Software
Published Version 1.5.1 - March 2024
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Enterprise Architect Version 13 or later
(Version 16 is recommended)
Polarion 21 R1 (3.21.1) or later
Last tested with Polarion 2310 (3.23.10)