Polarion Connector for Simulink® (Public Beta 2023)

 Next Generation Polarion Connector for MATLAB Simulink®-family products lets you link and publish Simulink models, Stateflow charts, and System Composer architectures with Polarion Work Items and Live Documents.



We are pleased to announce the Public Beta 2023 release of the Polarion Connector for Simulink®. This new version of the connector introduces support for Simulink Test.

The connector has two primary operating modes. We have renamed the original Simulink Requirements mode to the Requirements Toolbox and Simulink Test Mode reflecting the current Mathworks naming conventions for these add-ons.

In the Requirements toolbox and Simulink Test mode, you can obviously work with Simulink Test.

There are a variety of different use cases that are supported.

First, you can author Test Case specifications inside Polarion and import these into Simulink Test. We support both document revisions and baselines as well as branched documents as well. We’ve made things flexible for you should you author test cases in the same document as your requirements, or maybe you separate your Test Cases into individual documents. All these scenarios are supported.

If you don’t work with documents at all, perhaps adopting a more agile process, we cover this use case as well, where you can build queries of test case Work Items to be imported to Simulink Test.

If you author your Test Cases directly in Simulink Test, that’s not an issue either but you can take advantage of the connector's new Simulink Test support. The connector will create surrogate Test Cases in Polarion for any Simulink Test Cases that are linked to original Polarion Requirements. The Surrogate Test Case will be linked to the original Polarion requirements which will allow you to create detailed coverage reports inside of Polarion.

The connector allows you to execute Simulink Tests and collect results and publish these back to Polarion in the form of a test run and test record. This can be all done directly from the connector control panel.

If you choose to execute your tests directly inside of Simulink Test, that’s not a problem either as you can quickly collect the Test execution results and publish those back to Polarion.

If the Simulink Test Case fails, then Polarion will automatically create a Defect Work Item for you.

With adding support for Simulink Test, we can leverage Polarion's powerful Quality Management capabilities. Polarion becomes a one-stop place for all your Test Management and Test evidence of your Simulink models.

Simulink Test and either Polarion QA or Polarion ALM are required to take advantage of this new capability.

Polarion X is also supported.

There is also a variety of additional enhancements and improvements with this new version of the connector. Please refer to the new feature and fix list below.


What's New in Version 3.2.0

Updated February 2023

Changes for 3.2.0
New Features:
- SC-635 - Support for Simulink Test
- SC-630 - Compatibility with MATLAB R2022b and MATLAB R2023a (pre-release)
- SC-615 - Customization: Implement script to completely clean up Polarion project from footprints of Simulink Connector
- SC-597 - Improvements to the toolbar for ease of use and changes to Mathworks naming
- SC-592 - Make sure, when ReqSets or TestFiles are created in dedicated folders, those folders are added to the MATLAB path
- SC-589 - Support referenced items from another project
- SC-583 - Define a different value for $Separator$ than " " (space)
- SC-572 - Provide option to configure Surrogate title: either with or without model element type
- SC-570 - Customization: offer an option to generate Type enumeration for all possible types from Simulink, Stateflow, and System Composer
- SC-565 - Allow exposure of Simulink/SystemComposer/Stateflow/... block type to a custom field of the Surrogate in Polarion for querying and reporting
- SC-554 - Allow configuration of imported ReqSet name with some folder location (absolute or relative) and auto-saving after the import/refresh
- SC-546 - Expose Polarion's work item type to Simulink requirements
- SC-318 - Support mapping of Polarion custom fields to Simulink requirements attributes

- SC-628 - There are exceptions if the user has a license for Simulink Requirements Toolbox, but doesn't have it installed
- SC-626 - When the project contains unresolvable links, it can lead to exceptions in the backlink processing
- SC-617 - Linking Simulink Requirements to a Harness object leads to an error in backlink processing
- SC-614 - Cross-reference of workitems in description with data-type 'workItem' is broken
- SC-591 - If the table of properties for the surrogate item is empty, it leads to an error
- SC-585 - SystemComposer: ArchitecturePort hyperlink from Polarion to MATLAB is composed incorrectly
- SC-569 - If the user selects a specific work item type in Polarion (something under the "Work Items" section), import to Simulink ignores the type filter
- SC-566 - Connect to Selection: Polarion transaction is interrupted, when on attempt to connect one of selected items is not RMI-compliant


Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 3.2.0 - February 2023
Price Free
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements - Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1) and above
- Matlab Simulink 2021b and above
- Simulink Requirements Toolbox
- Simulink Test


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