Polarion Connector for Simulink®

 Next Generation Polarion Connector for MATLAB Simulink®-family products lets you link and publish Simulink models, Stateflow charts, and System Composer architectures with Polarion Work Items and Live Documents. Simulink Test support is also provided.


The new Polarion Connector for Simulink® allows for a much-improved user experience over earlier versions of the connector. For the first time, Polarion itself has been directly embedded into the Simulink desktop client to support a larger set of customer use cases and reduce inconvenient App context switching.

Working with the Simulink Requirements Toolbox
Also, another first for the new connector is that it will work with the Simulink Requirements Toolbox. Users can then use the popular drag-and-drop approach to create traceability between requirements and model elements. Then, depending on the connector settings, surrogate Simulink items can be created in Polarion for any linked model elements. These surrogate Simulink items are rich in information too with block parameter data and where applicable model diagrams. The integration automatically links the surrogate Simulink items back to the original Polarion Requirements as well.

As with earlier connector releases you can navigate from Simulink model elements to its associated Polarion Work Item and vice versa.

Extending the supported use cases even further, users can work with Polarion Live Documents directly or across the entire Polarion project scope. When working with Polarion LiveDoc documents it is possible to work with document baselines or earlier revisions.

We also simplified setting up the connector to work with multiple Polarion servers or multiple projects within each server. A Polarion project can also work with multiple Simulink models at once.


Backward compatibility with older releases of the connector
To maintain backward compatibility with earlier connector releases, the new connector also supports publishing and direct linking to existing Polarion Work Items and Requirements. This mode can work with or without surrogates Simulink items as well.

Additionally, we have added the ability to link Simulink blocks to a newly created Work Item on the fly. This means you can take advantage of Polarion’s powerful task and Defect/Issue management capabilities to create, for example, Defect/Issue Work Items against your model and link those Work Items to specific model elements.


Working with Simulink Test
You can author Test Case specifications inside Polarion and import these into Simulink Test. We support both document revisions and baselines as well as branched documents. We’ve made things flexible for you should you author Test Cases in the same document as your Requirements, or maybe you separate your Test Cases into individual documents. All these scenarios are supported.

If you don’t work with documents at all, perhaps adopting a more agile process, we cover this use case as well, where you can build queries of Test Case Work Items to be imported to Simulink Test.

If you author your Test Cases directly in Simulink Test, that’s not an issue either but you can take advantage of the connector's new Simulink Test support. The connector will create surrogate Test Cases in Polarion for any Simulink Test Cases that are linked to the original Polarion Requirements. The Surrogate Test Case will be linked to the original Polarion Requirements which will allow you to create detailed coverage reports inside of Polarion.

The connector allows you to execute Simulink Tests, collect results, and publish these back to Polarion in the form of a Test Run and Test Record. This can all be done directly from the connector control panel.

If you choose to execute your tests directly inside of Simulink Test, that’s not a problem either as you can quickly collect the Test execution results and publish those back to Polarion.

If the Simulink Test Case fails, Polarion will automatically create a Defect Work Item for you.

With adding support for Simulink Test, we can leverage Polarion's powerful Quality Management capabilities. Polarion becomes a one-stop place for all your Test Management and Test evidence of your Simulink models.


The new connector works with Simulink Family 2021b, including Simulink, Stateflow, and System Composer. It requires Simulink Requirements Toolbox and optionally Simulink Test.


What's New in Version 3.3.2

Updated June 2024

Changes for 3.3.2
New Features:
- SC-434 - Polarion Settings dialog should show project names, not project IDs
- SC-914 - Add option to preserve hyperlinks in surrogate objects after cleanup, even if the surrogate is no longer traceable
- SC-922 - Use server time-zone for date/time-related fields exposed from Polarion to MATLAB
- SC-940 - Implement the possibility to link lines of code from a MATLAB Function block to a Polarion requirement (early-adoption, limited version)
- SC-947 - Customization: Allow the skipping of links to some MATLAB objects
- SC-948 - Extend Test Records in Polarion with verification information from the Assessment Block linked to a TestCase in Simulink Test Manager
- SC-951 - Improve the importCert script to allow multiple server certificates with different aliases in Cacerts storage
- SC-953 - Publish additional information from Simulink Test Results to Polarion (Coverage, Logs, Errors, Duration)

- SC-920 - Configuring muti-value enumerations in custom fields, that should be exposed to Simulink, leads to errors
- SC-929 - It is possible to close the Configuration Dialog, ignoring all changes, by using the window's control buttons at the top of the dialog
- SC-931 - Backlink processing for a Harness Step linked to a Requirement leads to an exception in the Console and no surrogate is created


Changes for 3.3.1
New Features:
- SC-855 - Support Collections change flow: remove/adding of a document, when those documents were imported before to Simulink Requirements
- SC-858 - Improve settings dialog: allow marking some of the server configurations as disabled
- SC-863 - Link code line of MATLAB script file to Polarion requirement with Simulink Connector (MATLAB R2022b+)
- SC-865 - Initial compatibility with MATLAB R2024a (tested on pre-release version of R2024a)
- SC-871 - Extend Connector's startup to check that the Requirements Toolbox is installed
- SC-883 - Support user with collecting diagnostic data from the Connector
- SC-886 - Do not interrupt the import of "all items from the project" if surrogates are found. Skip the surrogates instead
- SC-911 - Set the maximum width and height of the diagrams in the surrogate items to fit the LiveDoc for printing and viewing

- SC-861 - If requirements are implemented by the same block, the surrogate link type is shared for both requirements
- SC-866 - Import of LiveDoc fails, if there are deleted items, which are still referred from the document
- SC-874 - Change Information (Suspect Links) in Simulink Requirements is not marking elements properly on refresh without changes
- SC-881 - Regression in 3.3.0: If a block implements 2 requirements, on the modification of the block, only the first link will be marked as suspect
- SC-885 - If project or livedoc name contains dots (.), the import document procedure fails
- SC-890 - Some project folders appear without labels in the Polarion Context Selector


Changes for 3.3.0
For a detailed description of what’s new in version 3.3.0 please read our blog post.

New Features:
- SC-514 - Can now import Documents by their Collection
- SC-552 - Now supports Requirement traceability to Data Dictionary objects
- SC-661 - Can now map Simulink links between model elements and requirements to Polarion links
- SC-691 - "Update Backlinks" now processes referenced models recursively
- SC-693 - Linked Simulink Requirements can now be exposed to Polarion as surrogates
- SC-706 - Implemented initial support for the traceability of System Composer Sequence Diagrams
- SC-708 - Mapping between Simulink artifacts and Polarion Work Items is now more granular
- SC-713 - Sensitive data is now encrypted and stored in the local MATLAB preferences
- SC-720 - Can now export the picture of a block in context
- SC-726 - Corresponding pictures for state subcharts in Stateflow diagrams are now included in surrogate objects
- SC-744 - Added a script to import SSL Certificates and an option to run the script if the Polarion login fails
- SC-753 - Can now resize via zooming the embedded Polarion browser/Connector panel (for MATLAB R2022a+)
- SC-763 - If users do not have delete permissions for them, orphan surrogates are now preserved, and only the link in Polarion is deleted
- SC-778 - Improved the Polarion Context Selector (Displays folder hierarchy and titles, and you can navigate to Spaces and Collections)
- SC-779 - Removed the refresh confirmation dialog when re-importing a ReqSet with an unchanged configuration
- SC-787 - Clicking "Polarion" in the Quick-Access bar now activates the Polarion tab even if it is already open
- SC-798 - Now checks for RMI port compliance when Simulink is opened and warns users accordingly
- SC-808 - Can now reconfigure Polarion attributes in Simulink after an initial import (for MATLAB R2022a+)
- SC-812 - Added support for custom Work Item type icons
- SC-820 - Alias Names in the Connector's Server configuration are validated so that filenames generated that include them do not contain invalid characters that cause errors
- SC-843 - Reflect traceability in Polarion, based on the incoming links to the imported Polarion Requirements

- SC-700 - Fixed an issue that prevented Work Items with custom icons from appearing in the "Create New" popup
- SC-707 - Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the cleanup of surrogate Test Cases


Changes for 3.2.0
New Features:
- SC-655 - There are significant delays in the opening of some dialogs. Make the user aware that an operation is in progress
- SC-635 - Support for Simulink Test
- SC-630 - Compatibility with MATLAB R2022b and MATLAB R2023a (pre-release)
- SC-615 - Customization: Implement script to completely clean up Polarion project from footprints of Simulink Connector
- SC-597 - Improvements to the toolbar for ease of use and changes to Mathworks naming
- SC-592 - Make sure, when ReqSets or TestFiles are created in dedicated folders, those folders are added to the MATLAB path
- SC-589 - Support referenced items from another project
- SC-583 - Define a different value for $Separator$ than " " (space)
- SC-572 - Provide option to configure Surrogate title: either with or without model element type
- SC-570 - Customization: offer an option to generate Type enumeration for all possible types from Simulink, Stateflow, and System Composer
- SC-565 - Allow exposure of Simulink/SystemComposer/Stateflow/... block type to a custom field of the Surrogate in Polarion for querying and reporting
- SC-554 - Allow configuration of imported ReqSet name with some folder location (absolute or relative) and auto-saving after the import/refresh
- SC-546 - Expose Polarion's work item type to Simulink requirements
- SC-318 - Support mapping of Polarion custom fields to Simulink requirements attributes

- SC-658 - Check if Simulink Test is licensed/installed before calling features of the toolbox
- SC-628 - There are exceptions if the user has a license for Simulink Requirements Toolbox, but doesn't have it installed
- SC-626 - When the project contains unresolvable links, it can lead to exceptions in the backlink processing
- SC-617 - Linking Simulink Requirements to a Harness object leads to an error in backlink processing
- SC-614 - Cross-reference of workitems in description with data-type 'workItem' is broken
- SC-591 - If the table of properties for the surrogate item is empty, it leads to an error
- SC-585 - SystemComposer: ArchitecturePort hyperlink from Polarion to MATLAB is composed incorrectly
- SC-569 - If the user selects a specific work item type in Polarion (something under the "Work Items" section), import to Simulink ignores the type filter
- SC-566 - Connect to Selection: Polarion transaction is interrupted when an attempt to connect one of the selected items is not RMI-compliant


Changes for 3.1.1
New Features:
- SC-548 - Register a check, that MATLAB is running on the proper port for RMI

- SC-545 - In MATLAB 2022b QuickAccessBar doesn't show the Polarion button
- SC-550 - If there is an unresolvable item in LiveDoc, import/refresh to Simulink is failing with an exception
- SC-543 - On running Update Backlinks there could be an exception in the isSystemComposerModel (file not on the path)
- SC-558 - MATLAB R2022b: Polarion Context Selector - the progress bar on loading projects and documents is shown behind the Selector dialog
- SC-555 - Update Backlinks not working with Matlab 2022b/Update1
- SC-560 - Unresolvable links in LinkSet (.slmx) may cause Polarion Clean-up to crash


Changes for 3.1.0
New Features:
- Support the ability to map Polarion work-item types to Simulink requirement types (Functional, container, and informational)
- Added support for Polarion personal authentication tokens (PAT) for authentication with Polarion
- Added ability to customize how Simulink block information is presented and ordered in the Polarion surrogate item
- Added a new Start page configuration property to allow users to specify a start page URL for Polarion when Polarion first opens on the launch of the connector pane
- Added a new customizations folder to the installation that includes several customization scripts to support extended functionality. Please refer to the folder for more details

- SC-503 - There is an [syntax] error shown when the user defines several configurations for the same server URL and calls Polarion Context Selector
- SC-464 - Optimize "Open in Polarion" behavior not to refresh Polarion views on each request
- SC-492 - Improve behavior of progress indicator on loading of LiveDocs
- SC-491 - If there is an explicit link between the "Import1" node and the top-level diagram, there is a warning in the console
- SC-466 - Extra parameters in URL (like 'hide_navigator' or 'selection=wi-123') may be considered as change of ReqSet configuration
- SC-465 - Fix issues with models, which keep linking data internally
- SC-451 - If problems (e.g., network connectivity) problems occur during "Refresh" - it may lead to an empty ReqSet and loss of all the links to it
- SC-449 - If there was an error during initial import to a ReqSet, there is no possibility to overwrite broken ReqSet


Changes for 3.0.0
- Improved compatibility with Simulink 2022a


Changes for Beta 2a
- Fixed regression where it was not possible to add a new project
- Improved handling of baselined or document revisions where links are maintained where possible


Changes for Beta 2
- Added a new Hide/Show Polarion pane action button to easily control the visibility of the Polarion navigation pane directly inside of Simulink
- Improved rich text support for imported Polarion requirements
- Added a new Polarion clean-up action button, to automatically remove deleted links or surrogate Work Items when changes have been made to the Simulink model
- Added a new Link Picker when using direct link mode. Note old mechanism is still supported
- Improved support for traceability and backlink processing, with Simulink System Composer
- Several bug fixes and improved compatibility



Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 3.3.2 - June 2024
Price Free
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements - Polarion 22 R1 (3.22.1) and above
- Matlab Simulink 2021b and above (Windows & Mac)
- Simulink Requirements Toolbox
- Simulink Test Toolbox (optional)

Last tested with Polarion 2404 (3.24.4)