QVscribe Requirements Quality Analysis Automation using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

 QVscribe uses Natural Language Processing to check for best practices identified by associations, such as INCOSE and EARS. Polarion REQUIREMENTS users can generate summary views of requirement quality directly from within Live Doc or Table Views.


The classic case of requirements not being sufficiently defined and thus neither complete nor consistent leads to massive efficiency and monetary losses every year. No industry is untouched by these issues.


Quality Summary
While viewing any Live Doc or Table View within Polarion Requirements, QVscribe users can generate a summary report that provides a detailed breakdown of the quality of the Work Items. With support for Doc View, Table View, and Filters, this feature provides users with a way to review and focus on areas of risk and quickly gauge the health of the requirements within a project.


Immediate Author Feedback
Polarion Requirement users can open the QVscribe authoring view to get feedback on the language used within any artifact they are working on. As changes are made to the text within the Work Item description, QVscribe automatically reanalyzes the changes providing feedback to authors as they type.


Easy Customization
Users with appropriate permissions can easily customize the triggers and specific Work Items that should and should not be included in the QVscribe analysis, making it simple to manage and maintain various configurations within a team.


QVscribe in 60 Seconds




Vendor QRA Corp
Published Version 3.1.7 - December 2020
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1) and newer
Google Chrome 85 and newer
Microsoft Windows version 10, 64 bit
4 GB and above RAM
Last tested on Polarion 20 R2 (3.20.2)