System of Systems Template

 Manage different versions of Systems and the consistency of all the related specification documents. Create new versions of a System and automatically reuse and branch all the related specification documents. Manage Issues and Change Requests for a System. Manage software Releases and Patches for a System.


The System of Systems Template (SOS Template ;-) addresses the following uses cases

Basic Functions

  • Manage different System versions and maintain the consistency of all related specification documents.
  • Produce System baselines with a historic Traceability report for a selected System and its related documents.
  • Create new versions of a System and automatically reuse all the related specification documents.
  • Manage a System's Issues and Change Requests.
  • Manage a System's software Releases and Patches.
  • Workflows for Systems, Releases, Change Requests, Defects, System Requirements, System Test Cases, and Tasks.


Advanced Functions

  • Build a System of Systems and automatically reuse all sub-Systems and related specification documents.
  • Reuse a Reference System that contains sub-Systems to start new customer projects
  • Reuse sub-Systems from other projects.
  • View what Systems were reused and what use cases they were reused for.
  • View which Requirements/Test Cases/etc. are part of what System version.
  • View Traceability reports for a System and its sub-Systems.


In a Nutshell

  • A System is represented by a Product/System Work Item type.
  • All specification documents of a Product/System are listed and can be edited in the corresponding Work Item field.
  • Each Product/System has at least one linked Release that tracks all the information about the released Product. (For software, it contains links to the source code, builds, and related Test Runs). For a patch release, a Product/System has several Release Work Items linked to it.
    • Product/System: Documents the behavior of the System.
    • Release: Documents the actual deliverable.
  • When you create a new version of a System, use the new Version button. It will create a new System Work Item and branch all relevant specification documents.
  • In a new version of a Product/System, you must overwrite the original Work Items whenever you want to change a System Requirement or System Test Case in a specification document.
  • If a Product/System is composed of sub-Systems, you can easily add them to the sub-System section in the Work Item form. Sub-Systems are also represented by Product/System Work Items. Any System can be a sub-System of another System. Sub-Systems are added to the Product/System in the Sub Systems field.



  • See the readme.txt file in the distribution package.


Enjoy and have fun with the template.



What's New in Version 1.6 (build 226)

Updated June 2022

Changes for 1.5.217 - 1.6.226
This is mainly a maintenance release to ensure the compatibility with Polarion 22 R1.
- SOS-20118 - Clean-up legacy extensions
- SOS-19879 - Empty Testrun is not anymore automatically created and added to release
- SOS-20115 - Remove Log4J Dependencies
- SOS-20215 - Removed all references to form extensions with numbers at the end
Bug fixes:
- SOS-20120 - Word Import button was missing
- SOS-20037 - Error message on SOS home page

Changes for 1.5.216 - 1.5.217
Bug fixes:
- SOS-19890 - Impossible to create new testrun due to hardcoded projectID

Changes for 1.4 - 1.5
- SOS-19819 - Reworked Widgets and Widget Icons
- SOS-19800 - Custom Field: verificationCriteria for System Requirement
- SOS-19799 - Display Linked SystemRequirements Description Directly in System Test Case
- SOS-19797 - Display Work Items Content (by query, links, or both)
- SOS-19749 - Newired guidance for basic features
- SOS-19748 - Updated Button Bar: Menu Groups for Process Areas
- SOS-18360 - Import Word Document Button in System Toolbar
- SOS-18196 - Refactoring: Make form extensions easier to use for guidance tools
- SOS-17645 - Create a Test Run for currently selected System
- SOS-19769 - Generic Coverage Report which can be called from the system
- SOS-19747 - Display Updated Work Items Also For Defects And User Stories
- SOS-17991 - Possible to limit displayed Work Items in form extension: SOS_workItem_tableWidgetQuery.vm
- SOS-17989 - Form Extension: display all related test runs
- SOS-9063 - Health Check if SOS is installed correctly
Bug fixes:
- SOS-19796 - refactoring: SOS_system_search_panel.vm
- SOS-19744 - was not part of the installation package
Known Issues:
- SOS-18194 - Incorrect rendering of system item when displayed in TeamCenter
- SOS-16978 - Impossible to create a new version when "" are in the title
- SOS-16956 - Compare Variant Configuration report does not always show overwritten Work Items

Changes for 1.3.1 - 1.4
- SOS-17918 - Click on related system or release of a plan will open it in the same tab
- SOS-17917 - Report Pages have a link back to System Work Item
- SOS-17916 - Adding existing Sub System will directly reopen system Work Item after successful addition
- SOS-17915 - Improved Confirmation Dialog When Adding Multiple Subsystems
- SOS-17823 - Updated description of the release plan
- SOS-17791 - Configuration Change: User Story links now to systemrequirement
- SOS-17789 - Change Request Workflow: Changed the order of status
- SOS-17788 - System Requirement Workflow changed
- SOS-17787 - Button to open Work Items by a status report for the system
- SOS-17781 - System button bar has additional buttons and menus
- SOS-17780 - CR Workflow Update: mark Implemented action now displays resolved In Release(s) in transition
- SOS-17779 - Search Panel in System Work Item Form
- SOS-17776 - Improved Navigation through the system, and subsystems
- SOS-17775 - $sosUtil.getAllSuperSystemsQuery
- SOS-17774 - Remove and delete Document will directly bring you back to the system Work Item
- SOS-17713 - Release form configuration now always shows test run and build
- SOS-17651 - relatedPlan field is now always shown
- SOS-17648 - New sosUtil Methods to check for related plans
- SOS-17646 - Example Page to Demonstrate Reports with sosUtil Tool
- SOS-16968 - User Story as additional planning element next to CR, issue, and task
Bug fixes:
- SOS-17900 - Subsystem remove button did not update UI correctly
- SOS-17652 - Wrong path in install guide for scripts directory
- SOS-17649 - sosUtil.getBacklogQuery() did not show all relevant Work Items
- SOS-17644 - sosUtil.get*WorkItemsQuery returned "SELECT NULL WHERE FALSE" instead of an empty result query
- SOS-17643 - sosUtil getContainedWorkitems et. other queries brought the same result
- SOS-17624 - SOS Sub Navigation: Icon was not vertically aligned in the middle
- SOS-17619 - $sosUtil.getAllSubSystemsQuery("wiId") did not stop when recursion in system
- SOS-17602 - sosUtil Tool API has a wrong constant value for subsystems field
- SOS-14717 - Exception (see server log for details) Invocation of method 'getCustomField' in class on System Backlog page
- SOS-8929 - Replace the word "component" with "system" in the confirmation dialog when creating a new plan

Changes for 1.2 - 1.3.1
- SOS-17551 - Introduced User Story as additional Work Item type
- SOS-17549 - $sosUtil Tool to improve scripting on top of SOS Template
- SOS-17545 - systemRequirement Work Item: changedBecause is now a multi-enum field
- SOS-17544 - Removed sosQueryExtension from build
- SOS-16969 - Step by step guide now has Work Item type description
- SOS-16959 - Release note contains known issues section
- SOS-16469 - Better description on traceability report
- SOS-16396 - Workflow Change: Overwrite & Relink now also checks BlackBox specification
- SOS-16248 - Additional Button in Release Notes: System Backlog
- SOS-16161 - Change workflow of the change request to rejected now requires adding a resolution
- SOS-16160 - Warning message in a document that document is automatically generated
- SOS-15930 - More advanced delete operation
- SOS-15389 - System Button Bar must now be clicked to expand
- SOS-15388 - System Plan now displays changedBecause information
- SOS-15383 - Button to open or create a plan for the system
- SOS-15242 - Traceability report has additional information that you can click on the headings and link back to the system Work Item
- SOS-15243 - Buttons to prioritize defects and change requests in backlog report
- SOS-15301 - Display SOS Template Release information on the project homepage
Bug fixes:
- SOS-17548 - the custom field in the user story Work Item was not replaced with project-id
- SOS-17547 - unreadable character in the legal notice
- SOS-17546 - Plan shows too many items in "attention needed" section
- SOS-17257 - SOSQueryExtension creates too much logging information
- SOS-17255 - Kanban board in release plan does only respect states of CR Work Items
- SOS-16977 - Typo in configuration parameter template document
- SOS-16960 - Option: Do not copy custom fields was ignored in "Component New Version" Widget
- SOS-16876 - Create a new Plan Button on the Backlog report that did not work correctly
- SOS-16527 - Removed duplicate confirmation message in deep deletion page
- SOS-16216 - Problem to add/remove documents from a variant
- SOS-15589 - Creation of a new document and its addition to the system fails if the document title cannot be resolved
- SOS-15476 - Create a new version fails to branch referenced documents if a baseline exists in the project with an empty description
Known Issues:
- SOS-16978 - Impossible to create a new version when "" are in the title
- SOS-16956 - Compare Variant Configuration report does not always show overwritten Work Items

Changes for 1.1 - 1.2
- SOS-15263 - Reuse System Action with "better" description
- SOS-15246 - System Backlog Report displays related variants
- SOS-15233 - System View (Versions) now displays older releases in Status published
- SOS-14762 - Changed Form Filter for Change Request and Defect Work Item
- SOS-14761 - Info Message in "New Version Dialog" when baselines exist
- SOS-14697 - Improved Navigation From a System Work Item
Bug fixes:
- SOS-15245 - Create a new version of the system also duplicates the plan
- SOS-15244 - Copy variant also copies the related plan
- SOS-15231 - Change assignee and author of template Work Items to admin whenever a user is set
- SOS-15196 - Remove non-standard users from the project template
- SOS-14827 - Documents are not displayed correctly after patch 1
- SOS-14819 - White Box Documents: Dropdown menu is not displayed correctly
- SOS-14817 - Create a new version widget: Fields not to duplicate is ignored

Changes for 1.0 - 1.1
- QuickStart guide with videos
- Possibility to create variants for a system
- Variant comparison Report
- Release notes report
- Support of black box and white box specifications
- Support of Polarion Collections (Collections can be created by workflow)
- UI enhancements
- Display changed requirements directly in related change request
- See the release note in the download package for more information on bug fixes and improvements


Vendor Tim Ströbele (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.6 (build 226) - June 2022
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1) and newer
Last tested on Polarion 22 R1 (3.22.1)