SimPol - Simulink-Polarion Connector

 SimPol is a free MATLAB® toolbox to create, maintain, and verify bi-directional traceability between Polarion® ALM products and MATLAB® Simulink®, Stateflow®, as well as Simulink® Test™. The tool supports generation of requirement allocation files and can handle different linking modes like direct linking or the creation of a shadow model in Polarion®. Trace analysis helps to detect and repair broken links, identify missing coverage, and review the implementation or test cases of supspected requirements.


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Allocation of work items

  • Create allocation files specifying a set of work items in Polarion to be implemented and linked
  • Distribute allocation files to developers



  • Bi-directionally link Simulink and Stateflow model elments with any Polarion work items
  • Bi-directionally link Simulink Test Files, Test Suites, or Test Cases with any Polarion work items
  • Bi-directionally remove links
  • Use methods to query, search, filter work items (e.g., to find all unlinked items)
  • Improve your workflow by using a side-by-side view with Simulink for seamless linking with a minimum of clicks
  • Choose between linking modes: Direct Linking and Surrogate Linking (incremental creation of  a shadow model in Polarion)
  • Include model snapshots into linked work items
  • Write custom rules to select linkable primitives in Simulink and Stateflow



  • Show suspected model elements or test cases, which link to a changed work item.
  • Unsuspect model elements and test cases after adaption
  • Detect uni-directional and broken links and repair them automatically
  • Update model snapshots automatically
  • Synchronize the surrogate model



  • Analyze link healthiness
  • Load a Polarion baseline for review



What's New in Version 2.5

Updated April 2021

Version 2.5 (19. Apr. 2021)
- Several bug fixes
- Code cleanup

Version 2.4.5 (28. Oct. 2020)
- Annotation linking in Simulink added
- Improved GUI
- Following bugs are fixed:
-> Matlab code linking bug in R2019b onwards
-> Polarion time-out issue fixed
-> Compatibility with requirement coverage check (hisl_0070) for derived tag
-> Auto-suspicion from Polarion is properly propagated

Version 2.3 (7. Feb. 2020)
- Improved startup routine
- Support for linking Iterations in Simulink Test (R2019a onwards)
- Works for MATLAB R2019b
- Bug fixes and updated documentation

Version 2.2 (15. Feb. 2019)
- Added support for MATLAB Code (Beta)
- Improved support for SSL Connections with certificates
- Added selection linking via context menu
- Bug fixes

Version 2.1 (4. Sept. 2018)
- Bug fixes




Vendor Markus Hochstrasser & Shanza Ali Zafar (Technische Universität München)
Published Version 2.5 - April 2021
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements MATLAB/Simulink, Simulink Requirements 2019a or later

Tested with Polarion 20 R1 (3.20.1) and later

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