Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 4.6) Template

 This set of Polarion Project Templates brings the full support for SAFe 4.6 to Polarion ALM


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SAFe® is an online, freely revealed knowledge base of proven success patterns for implementing Lean-Agile software and systems development at enterprise scale. It provides comprehensive guidance for work at the enterprise Portfolio, Large Solution, Program, and Team levels.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 4.6) Template distribution package:
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What's New in Version 1.0.6b

Updated October 2019

Changes for 1.0.6a - 1.0.6b
- SAFE-404 - Custom Enumeration Factories extension - Update Plan Templates and Test Run Templates custom enumeration factories to use projectId/objectId syntax for enumeration option IDs
- SAFE-408 - Update Demo Data and SAFe Project Templates to be compatible with the new syntax of the Plan Templates and Test Run Templates custom enumeration factories
- SAFE-407 - Custom Enumeration Factories extension - Optimize performance of Test Run Templates custom enumeration factory and fix rendering of Test Run Templates as enumeration options
- SAFE-406 - Custom Enumeration Factories extension - Adjust Plan Templates and Test Run Templates custom enumeration factories to be limited to the current scope if no Query is specified and to have Default Repostitory as a scope if Query is specified
- SAFE-409 - Custom Enumeration Factories extension - Prevent cases where custom enumerations can fail due to the source object being unresolvable

Changes for 1.0.6 - 1.0.6a
- SAFE-405 - Fixed an error while creating a new Portfolio/Program Epic

Changes for 1.0.5a - 1.0.6
- The SAFe Template was updated to be compatible with the 4.6 methodology by Scaled Agile Inc.
- SAFE-367 - Portfolio Project - Introduce Value Stream WI Type and integrate it into the overal structure
- SAFE-375 - Portfolio Project - Introduce Solution WI Type and integrate it into the overal structure including the Solution Intent
- SAFE-400 - Portfolio Project - Introduce "Solution" custom field to the Solution Increment effectively allowing tracking of deliverables for each existing Solution
- SAFE-383 - Portfolio/Program Epic - Rename "Lightweight Business Case" to "Lean Business Case"
- SAFE-378 - Scaled Agile Inc. Platform Partnership update - refresh all help texts and links to be current, use HTTPS, open in a new tab in the browser and point to an existing page on the SAFe web page
- SAFE-376 - Large Solution update - Introduce term "Large Solution" in cases where it replaced Value Stream, i.e. Value Stream Engineer -> Large Solution Engineer or Value Stream Level -> Large Solution Level
- SAFE-386 - Lean UX - Introduce term "Lean UX" in cases where term "User Experience" was not broad enough, i.e. User Experience Designer -> Lean UX Designer
- SAFE-363 - Portfolio/Program Epic - Introduce "MVP Reached" custom field to support the Lean Startup Cycle
- SAFE-366 - Capability - Introduce "MVP Component" custom field that indicates that specified capabilities must be implemented in order for the Epic to reach the MVP status
- SAFE-387 - Portfolio/Program Epic - Rework "Epic Value Statement" into "Epic Hypothesis Statement"
- SAFE-364 - Feature - Introduce "Outcome Hypothesis" custom field to capture the expected funcionality benefit after the Feature reaches the Minimum Marketable Feature state, thus helping to dis/prove the related Epic Hypothesis Statement
- SAFE-388 - Portfolio/Program Epic - Introduce "Business Outcome Hypothesis" custom field that states the quantitative or qualitative benefits that the business can anticipate if the Epic Hypothesis Statement is proven to be correct

Changes for 1.0.5 - 1.0.5a
- Custom Enumeration Factories extension - fixed possible error while trying to build an EnumerationOption with unresolvable object
- SAFe extension - fixed possible error while trying to build an EnumerationOption with unresolvable object

Changes for 1.0.4a - 1.0.5
- SAFE-323 - Implement system of Solution Trains and Agile Release Trains
- SAFE-322 - Implement a new way of management of the planning structures using Solution/System increments
- SAFE-336 - Use OOTB Kanban Board with drag & drop instead of the SAFe Kanban Widget
- SAFE-340 - Use the new version of Release report from the built-in templates
- SAFE-337 - Replace the new Kanban with the SAFe configuration throughout all the SAFe projects
- SAFE-338 - Modernize all possible reports to use the Work Item Sidebar
- SAFE-304 - Fix updating of the scope for every column's statuses and sortBy parameters
- SAFE-315 - SAFe Enumeration Renderer Widget - Force Icon and Text to be on the same line
- SAFE-320 - Correct TYPO in Release custom field's name - Change ID: "qaAssesment" to "qaAssessment" and Title: "QA Assesment" to "QA Assessment"
- SAFE-309 - Replace non-SAFe-specific enumaration factories from SAFe extension by customEnumFactories extension
- SAFE-324 - Implement a new enumeration factory for Work Items that does not display Work Item ID
- SAFE-325 - Fix TYPO on How-To: Planning page
- SAFE-329 - Propagate improvements from the Enumaration Renderer Widget to the SAFe Enumeration Renderer Widget
- SAFE-333 - Progress Measure Chart Widget - Adjust the search algorithm not to search WIs by Label but ID
- SAFE-360 - Progress Measure Chart Widget - Fix the logic to include only the children Work Items linked by the "realizes" link role
- SAFE-332 - Update Work Item and Plan Roadmap widgets to support the Work Item Sidebar
- SAFE-334 - SAFe NFR Traceability Table Widget: Apply changes from the Traceability Table widget
- SAFE-335 - Modernize the Work Item Roadmap and the Plan Roadmap widgets to use the Work Item sidebar and improve their features to match the current standards
- SAFE-319 - Add links to the velocity diagrams
- SAFE-339 - Add wiki space structure to fix the Documents & Pages report
- SAFE-313 - Definition of Done Scripts - Fix TYPOs
- SAFE-306 - Check and set the default favorites
- SAFE-305 - Re-add the possibility to create Tasks from Defects (1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 regression)
- SAFE-331 - Remove the Timepoint Roadmap from the SAFe distribution package as it is nor improved nor used
- SAFE-312 - Definition of Done scripts - Use the SAFe extension to identify the SAFe Projects instead of the embedded macro
- SAFE-344 - Update the Setup Guide
- SAFE-347 - SAFe Extension - Improve the performance of the SAFeProjects custom enumeration
- SAFE-349 - SAFe Solution/System Planning Java widgets - Mark as deprecated; The new default is the Solution/System Increment Management
- SAFE-343 - Update How-to: Planning for the Trains system
- SAFe NFR Traceability Table widget - Remove resources folder as it is no longer necessary
- Kanban Board widget - Create scripts for the new Kanban board so no features are lost
- Info Panel widget - Improve widget details
- Solution SAFe level - Update the Demo Data to support the new structure
- Solution SAFe level - Optimize scripts used for the new planning structure management
- Custom Enumeration Factories extension - Improve the performance of all enumerations
- Drop support for the 3 Level SAFe 4 Template - A single dummy Capability can be used instead

Changes for 1.0.4 - 1.0.4a
- SAFE-304 - Widgets: Fix updating of scope for every column's statuses and sortBy parameters
- Split some non-SAFe features from SAFe extension to a stand-alone extension Custom Enumeration Factories
- Minor UI and Demo Data changes
- Minor bugfixes (mostly permissions related)

Changes for 1.0.3 - 1.0.4
- SAFE-86 - Fix logical error while using Navigation Panel wigdet without restricting it to current portfolio
- SAFE-85 - Allow name of folders "Programs" and "Teams" to be lowercase while identifiing SAFe structure
- SAFE-108 - Fix deprecated configuration of valid Portfolio Epic linkroles
- SAFE-110 - Set default colors for all custom enumerations - fixes black background for Highcharts
- SAFE-111 - Always display current project Title in subtitle on Portfolio - Planning - Programs Statistics and on Portfolio - Development - Teams Statistics page and Program - Development - Teams Statistics page
- SAFE-112 - Show only work items from current project in Program - Testrun - Test Environment - Linked Work Iitem
- SAFE-113 - Fix id=null at Developement/Teams Overview report in Program projects when Team has no members
- SAFE-126 - Update User Roles document
- SAFE-130 - Consolidate input Backlogs of Program projects into a single Backlog
- SAFE-131 - Fix Capabilities -> Features in Process title at Planning/Program Increments Overview of Program project
- SAFE-133 - Fix text in information panel of Team project Home page
- SAFE-48 - Implement 3 Level SAFe 4 Template - does not use Capabilities
- SAFE-109 - Create Demo Data for 3 Level SAFe 4 Template
- SAFE-241 - Prepare a guide on how to copy template settings from one machine to another - located at Setup Guide
- SAFE-242 - Clean-up Definition of Done code
- SAFE-244 - Port Definition of Done to System Release Report in program level project
- SAFE-245 - Links in Progress Measure Chart widget should be project links, not repository links
- SAFE-246 - Update Setup Guide for 3 Level SAFe Template
- SAFE-247 - Use Rendering API to render all possible mentioned enumeration options, that are linked with icons to visualize the processes and descriptions used in SAFe Template
- SAFE-248 - Re-enable creating of Test Cases from User Stories and NFRs
- SAFE-249 - Use correct names for link roles throughout all SAFe levels
- SAFE-251 - Implement SAFe Enumeration Option Renderer widget
- SAFE-252 - Review and complete How-to pages
- SAFE-253 - Create SAFe Velocity Context Extension for SAFe project information by SAFe levels (projects, project IDs, project queries, project group)
- SAFE-191 - Refactor existing content to use SAFe Velocity Context Extension instead of stand-alone java/velocity methods/macros
- SAFE-296 - Make all widgets throw context warnings instead of java errors when used outside of a project (My Polarion page...)
- SAFE-297 - Update copyright info for all java classes
- SAFE-298 - Remove no longer used screenshots
- SAFE-183 - Do a language review of the SAFe Template
- SAFE-184 - Review all texts in the SAFe Template
- SAFE-185 - Review all texts in Velocity widgets (description, parameter titles, texts in render.vm)
- SAFE-186 - Move all rendered texts from render.vm to the beggining of the file
- SAFE-187 - Review all texts in Java widgets
- SAFE-189 - Review all texts in the SAFe Template's distribution package
- SAFE-190 - Review all texts in description of enumerations
- SAFE-299 - Show defects fixed for System Releases even in Solution Release Report
- SAFE-300 - Navigation Panel widget should call recalculating of repository structure from the SAFe Context Extension when not used in SAFe portfolio

Changes for 1.0.2 - 1.0.3
- SAFE-32 - Navigation Panel Widget now allows filtering of rendered projects by active Read/Write permissions
- SAFE-34 - Navigation Panel Widget is now interactive
- SAFE-35 - Implemented User Management Widget for batch assigning/removing user project roles from all SAFe projects in SAFe Portfolio
- SAFE-39 - User Management Widget incorporated into the SAFe Template - used on Setup Guide page
- SAFE-37 - Replaced custom enumeration - Release - with Work Item Enumeration
- SAFE-40 - Fixed id=null at Planning/Team Program Increments Overview report in Team projects when no TPI Owner is set
- SAFE-42 - Fixed id=null at Development/Current System Increment report in Program projects when no Teams are currently participating
- SAFE-43 - Fixed id=null at Planning/Program Increments Overview report in Program projects when no PI Owner is set
- SAFE-44 - SAFe System Planning Tool now links new Iteration plans with parent Team Program Iterations
- SAFE-45 - Portfolio Template now does not have project-specific settings for creating Features in Demo Data's program projects
- SAFE-47 - Implemented "SWAG Estimation" for portfolio and program epics based on t-shirt sizes
- SAFE-49 - Fixed querying with id=null at Development/Release Report in Portfolio Project when no Increments exists
- SAFE-55 - Updated query at Planning/Roadmap in Demo Data's Program/Team Project so it shows relevant data
- SAFE-58 - Used custom enum parameter for selecting Time Span at Plan Estimate Distribution Chart Widget
- SAFE-56 - Unified usage of Navigation Panel Widget - headings, empty lines in right pannel...
- SAFE-60 - Altered installation guide to reflect that template now requires Polarion ALM 3.10.1
- SAFE-65 - Performed complete Portfolio scripts clean-up
- SAFE-64 - Removed all mentions of deprecated "programsIncrement" Milestone and fixed links, that used toEncodedAbsoluteUrl()
- SAFE-67 - Used new Infographic
- SAFE-69 - Reviewed Test Plan documents
- SAFE-68 - Reviewed Lightweight Business Case lifecycle
- SAFE-70 - Fixed error when creating Epics without title in Live Report - description is now used instead in this case
- SAFE-71 - Performed complete Program project scripts cleanup
- SAFE-54 - Altered all links that lead to Repository level to be opened in a new pannel
- SAFE-36 - Transforme all transferable xwiki pages into RP
- SAFE-72 - Reimplemented Page Script for Plans - its codestyle now is now consistent with the rest of the template
- SAFE-59 - Removed of xWiki macros after conversion of Home pages into RP
- SAFE-77 - Checked for nonpropagated changes in demo data
- SAFE-66 - Removed info box hiding option in modules - uses xWiki content blocks - needs to be removed manually
- SAFE-75 - Reviewed Setup Guide and all How To Pages and updated their contents to reflect current state of the SAFe Template
- SAFE-74 - Performed a complete cleanup of all velocity scripts for Velocity Form Extension
- SAFE-79 - Reworked ScriptField Config xWiki page
- SAFE-73 - Performed a complete cleanup of all velocity widgets
- SAFE-78 - Reimplemented velocity calculation in Team - Development - Iterations using sortable array
- SAFE-81 - Performed a complete cleanup of all java widgets in SAFe Extension
- SAFE-76 - Reviewed creation of children items from parents for epics, capabilities, features and user stories and altered guides

Release 1.0.2
- Initial Internal Release




Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 1.0.6b - October 2019
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements Polarion Version: 18 GA (18.0) or newer.
Distribution: ALM (Other distributions types might work but are not officially supported.)
Access to the SVN Repository and File System.
Last tested on Polarion ALM 2019 SR2 (3.19.2)