ElectricFlow Connector for Polarion

 The ElectricFlow Connector enables Polarion users to execute Continuous Delivery (CD) tasks automatically, when an engineer submits code to SCM. CD includes Continuous Integration, Continuous Test, and Continuous Release. The results are uploaded to the Polarion Work Item.


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The extension is deprecated and this page is accessible only for historical reasons.

Please do not try to download and/or contact us regarding this extension.

This connector allows software teams to achieve a faster, more reliable, delivery of high-quality software products and services. It provides agility, predictability and security across many build-test-release-deploy Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines.

When code is checked into the Polarion source code repository, this plugin allows Electric Cloud's ElectricFlow to trigger Continuous Integration, Continuous Test, and Continuous Release processes, orchestrating all of the tools involved in building, testing, deployment and release.

This allows Polarion ALM users to take advantage of Continuous Delivery by automating error prone work and reducing the friction involved in manual handoffs while providing all users with shared control and visibility over the end-to-end delivery process.  

Large organizations with development teams across the world lower IT expenses by eliminating duplicated resources and reducing the management of duplicated tool chains.

The ElectricFlow connector for Polarion can automatically:

  • Track the changes in various types of SCM.
  • Start separate CI, CT, CR workflows related to a given WI. (WI name is passed to the connector through the commit comment string).
  • The possibility to execute only the test sets that are relevant for the specific commit. Polarion users can include/exclude the necessary tests linked to particular WI.
  • Provide backtrace links to the related WI. This gives Polarion users access to any logs, build binaries, test results.
  • Upload the results of Continuous Delivery back to the related Polarion WI.

This integration solution provides Polarion users with the following:

  • Workflow automation regardless of development methodology or process.
  • Faster cycle time and more efficient use of IT infrastructure.
  • Centralized management of software artifacts.
  • Visibility and reporting for project predictability and fewer process errors.
  • A shared platform for disseminating best practices and standardizing  common procedures.
  • Security and scalability to support geographically distributed teams.

What used to typically take hours can now be completed in minutes – freeing engineers and testers to focus on software development. This enables the product and software teams to iterate faster on hardware and software integration tests. More integration test iterations will lead to a higher quality product and predictable release schedule.


Vendor Electric Cloud
Published Version 1.0 - June 2015
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
  • Polarion ALM, Polarion Requirements Management, Polarion QA 2014, 2015
  • ElectricFlow version 5