Create Work Item Template

 Loads content of fields for new Work Items from an configurable template Work Item.Unlike data loaded with an initial workflow action the data will be visible before the Work Item is saved. Requires one enterprise license for user polarion.api.


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Extract to <Polarion installation>/polarion/plugins and restart Polarion.



Configuration is handled like most other Polarion configuration files: It is possible to specify type specific, project specific and global configurations. This plug-ins requires a file called at .polarion/tracker on repository or project level. It is also possible to define a type-specific configuration by prefixing the name of the configuration with the id of the Work Item type.


Following values have to be configured:

  • source.project: Id of the project containing the Workitem to be used as template.
  • Id of the Workitem to be used as template.
  • copy.fields: Comma-separated list of fields to be copied from template Work Item.

The example configuration copies the content of the field description from the template WorkItem WI-45 in project p1 to the new Work Item to be created.


Template Defect


New Defect






Vendor Ben Gleei (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.0 - July 2009
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion ALM or Polarion Requirements server.