LDRA Connector for Polarion

 Imported requirements from Polarion can be easily linked to software elements, unit/integration tests and standards objectives to quickly enable lifecycle traceability in meeting industry standards


LDRA leverages Polarion’s requirements management capability to ensure clients have a complete embedded software engineering solution with all features needed to meet the most recognised functional safety and security standards.  Polarion and LDRA combined provide the artifacts required to satisfy certification authorities, from requirements management to lifecycle traceability to testing on the target processor. 

LDRA supports virtually all embedded development environments (IDE, RTOS, and target processors) whether C, C++, Ada or Java. With roundtrip integration, traceability is available in both Polarion and LDRA, adding to team collaboration, higher quality systems and faster time to certification.



  • Easily build lifecycle traceability by linking Polarion work items (requirements, tests, etc.) to the implemented software and test cases in LDRA
  • Quickly verify traceability with both functional and automated unit tests
  • Increase quality with automated software analysis - generating coding standards adherence, code coverage, quality metrics and data/control flow analysis
  • Meet safety, security, and coding standards compliance such as MISRA C/C++, CERT C/C++/Java, DO-178B/C, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, EN 50128 and IEC 61508


Technical Details

Polarion and LDRA tool suite integration:

  • The LDRA tool suite integration with Polarion ALM allows for configuration of a specific profile that can be saved and reused to simplify configuration.  These include:
    • Connection information such as server and user details
    • Specific Polarion project and query string to import the relevant work items
    • Attributes to be imported into the LDRA tool suite
  • Polarion ALM work items, such as requirements, tests, and links can be imported into the LDRA tool suite


LDRA tool suite:

  • Test case results and details can be exported from the LDRA tool suite to Polarion ALM
  • The LDRA tool suite integrates a wide range of silicon, target I/O, compilers, RTOSes, and other target technologies
  • Qualification packages for the major safety critical and security standards
  • Highly configurable and customisable static and dynamic analysis technologies to meet safety and security analysis and test needs
  • Automated solutions for data coupling and control coupling analysis for DO-178B/C
  • Automated solutions for data and control flow analysis for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128, and IEC 62304
  • Automated solutions for object code verification as applied to DO-178C Level A applications
  • Automated unit and integration testing
  • Highly integrated with popular modeling tools such as IBM Rational Rhapsody, MathWorks Simulink and ANSYS SCADE


LDRA vs Polarion Showcase Video



Vendor LDRA
Published Version of the LDRA Polarion TBmanager Integration Package is 9.7.6 - February 2019
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Tested with Polarion 2017 GA – Polarion 2018 SR3 (3.18.3)