OpenMake Connector for Polarion

 Driving DevOps with Polarion ALM


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OpenMake® Software, the DevOps Authority, delivers a highly reusable and integrated build, release and deploy tool chain that streamlines the hand-off of software from development to operations. Our solutions allow the enterprise to achieve high levels of process maturity by defining model driven DevOps policies across the complex, corporate IT landscape.

Our integration with Polarion ALM allows ALM to orchestrate the lifecycle process while leveraging OpenMake Software's model-driven build and release engine to automate the compilation, packaging and release of binaries, without the need for highly customized one-off scripts or remote agents on target servers. All the work completed is done agentless, with re-usable build and release components supporting multiple operating systems, databases and development platforms.

OpenMake Software's Continuous Integration Server, dependency management, automated build engine and automated package and release process provides a deep level of source to binary tracking that can be reported on from directly inside ALM. This information is associated to the Build Record Work Item. It includes a full audit trail of all objects used to create the binaries, their dependencies and deployment history.

For a quick view of the integrated solution, please visit the following URL


Vendor OpenMake Software
Published Version 1.1 - October 2014
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements Polarion 2014