ReqXChanger for Polarion

 Synchronizes requirements from different sources and enables requirements synchronization between Polarion and UML models from IBM Rhapsody and Sparx Enterprise Architect.


Based on the ReqIF standard, the ReqXChanger enables users to:

  • transfer Requirements from Polarion into UML tools
  • link Requirements to UML model elements
  • ensure quick synchronization between Requirements and model after changes
  • run an impact analysis directly inside the UML model (highlights changed requirements in UML tools)
  • transfer model elements, which are linked to requirements, from UML tools to Polarion
  • transfer diagram images from the UML tool to Polarion (since ReqXChanger 1.4.1)
  • deliver complete traceability reports in Polarion from requirements to model elements


Some additional features:

  • Use configuration files for saving/loading settings
  • Create weblinks to Polarion Requirements in UML
    • Allows to navigate from UML tools to Polarion requirements directly
  • ReqXChanger is completely automatable using command line arguments (for instance using nightly scheduled tasks)
  • Support for ReqIFz files
  • Mapping options, for customizing attributes like names and type names of requirements in UML tools
  • Currently supported UML tools:
    • Enterprise Architect
    • IBM Rational Rhapsody



  • Personal Edition: € 650,00
  • Server Edition: € 4.950,00


To download the free evaluation version click here.




Vendor Willert Software Tools
Published Version 1.7.0 - March 2019
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.
Requirements IBM Rational Rhapsody 7.5 and above
Enterprise Architect 10.0 and above
Polarion 2017 SR3 (3.17.3) for new diagram support
... otherwise Polarion 2016 GA (3.10.0) and above

ReqXChanger is fully compatible with Polarion 19.2