Polarion Connector for Klocwork

 The Polarion Connector for Klocwork allows issues to be imported directly into Polarion ALM.


The Polarion Connector for Klocwork, allows issues to be imported as Polarion Defect Work Items. The defects can then be tracked and traced within Polarion and used to, for example, link to related Requirement Work Items or become the subject of a Test Case Work Items. The plugin is installed on a per project basis and can sync with any available Klocwork project. It features the following:

  • A hyperlink links the Polarion Defect directly to the Issue in Klocwork Insight
  • Each individual Polarion Defect contains information from Klocwork such as Klocwork State, Severity Level and Code, Error Code and date originated as custom fields.
  • Imports can be scheduled as a job, using the web-UI (no need to edit schedule.xml)
  • Mapping of Klocwork and Polarion severity levels can be customised
  • Mapping of Klocwork and Polarion statuses levels can be customised
  • A log file registers successful imports and displays code errors
  • Current template Test Cases available are for none critical defects, None MISRA C defects and None MISRA C++ defects




Vendor Emenda
Published Version 1.0 - July 2013
Price Free
Supported by Partner This extension is supported by a Siemens PLM Partner.