Integration with VectorCAST/RGW

 Allows requirements tracked in Polarion to be imported into the VectorCAST toolset for mapping to software unit and integration test cases. Test results (pass/fail status of each test) are then pushed back into Polarion for full lifecycle traceability.


The integration has been redone on the side of our partner Vector Software and is now integrated directly into the product. There is no need for a stand-alone integration anymore.

To use VectorCAST with Polarion you currently need VectorCAST C++ Enterprise (unit testing) and you can connect directly to Polarion via the RGW module.

Feel free to contact our partner Vector Software on email to get more information and support.


Polarion and Vector Software both work with a wide variety of customers developing safety-critical software applications. These applications are often developed to external standards like DO-178B/C (avionics); IEC 62304 (medical devices); ISO 26262 (automotive); IEC 61508 (industrial control), etc. These standards all have many things in common, one being the importance of a solid set of requirements and traceability to the other development artifacts throughout the product development lifecycle.

Polarion’s products provide that traceability, but they need external items to link to in several areas and one of those is test artifacts. Vector Software’s VectorCAST product is used by these companies to develop and execute software unit and integration tests that can run on a wide variety of embedded devices.

VectorCAST works with C, C++, and Ada code and supports over 35 different compiler families. Developers and testers use VectorCAST to set up test cases that test a subset of an entire application – from a single source code file to a collection of code files that make up a functional process. These tests specify the known conditions, or inputs, that will be used to stimulate the code under test, and they also specify the expected results that VectorCAST will check to see if the test case passed or failed. This pass/fail information is what is passed back to Polarion as a Work Item to be included in the full traceability that Polarion provides.



Vendor Vector Software
Published Version 1.0 - July 2013
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements VectorCAST version 6.1 or later is required to use this extension.