Polarion Connector for Simulink® (Old 2.* Version)

 Polarion Connector for Simulink® lets you link Simulink models and Stateflow charts with Polarion REQUIREMENTS Work Items.



Special Note:
This is the old version of the Polarion Simulink connector. We encourage all Simulink and Polarion users to upgrade to the new version of the connector at your earliest convenience. The new version is available here. If you are using Simulink 2022a or above, you must use the new version of the connector.

Polarion Connector for Simulink® allows bi-directional traceability between Simulink models and Polarion REQUIREMENTS Work Items. You can navigate from Simulink model elements to its associated Polarion REQUIREMENTS Work Item and vice versa.

This bi-directionality along with versioning and audit trails helps facilitate collaborative design and requirements reviews in Model-Based Design workflows. For example, you can track the impact of changed requirements on your design, allocate resources or release timelines earlier in the development process.

Alternatively, you can also publish the Simulink models as a design requirement artifact for Polarion Requirements. This design requirement is automatically exported into Polarion native environment and includes a Simulink model preview. You can link this published design item to your system requirements easily using the bi-directional linking feature to simplify impact analysis and conduct reviews online.

The integration provides flexibility to create many-to-one links between Simulink Models and Polarion Requirement Work Items. You can create a link from multiple Simulink model elements to the same REQUIREMENT Work Item or link multiple REQUIREMENT Work Items to a single Simulink model element. The traceability information is stored both within the Simulink model and Polarion REQUIREMENTS enabling access from both the design and the requirements management environment.

Simulink, developed by MathWorks, is a data flow graphical programming language tool for modeling, simulating, and analyzing multidomain dynamic systems. It offers tight integration with the rest of the MATLAB environment and can either drive MATLAB or be scripted from it.

Blog post describing changes for the 2.2 version.


What's New in Version 2.4

Updated March 2020


Improvement: SC-77 - Add a possibility to test the connection after defining the settings in Polarion.
- The user can now check if the connection’s properties are correct directly from the Polarion Settings Dialog.
- The user can now check if the user has permissions to create Work Items in the Project.

Improvement: SC-89 - Provide an improved method to generate a Stateflow diagram picture on the recent versions of MATLAB.
- The user can now export Stateflow Chart images to Polarion consistently from the parent model or from the diagram itself.

Fixed: SC-70 - Select all blocks and publish them to Polarion throws an exception in the Stateflow diagram.
- This fixes an issue with the Stateflow - when a transition is selected, an error is no longer shown during the publishing to Polarion - the element is now ignored.
- This fix also adds a customization option to specify other types to be ignored.

Improvement: SC-92 - Remove Extension.m from the default setup.
- Customization via Extension.m was enabled by default in version 2.3 - which led to the confusion of some customers. It is now disabled by default.

Fixed: SC-90 - Simulink integration does not allow proper configuration if the server/hostname is "polarion".

Fixed: SC-91 - Simulink integration shows an error on an attempt to use it with single-server/project configuration (no Extension.m configured) on ML 2019b.



Fixed: SC-82 - Incorrect image name is used for reference in description



Improvement: SC-84 - Provide Hint for Server URL, but not populate default setting

Improvement: SC-85 - Support publishing and connecting to Work Items from several projects

Fixed: SC-86 - Incorrect user name or password brings unreadable error message to the user

Improvement: SC-87 - Support publishing and connecting to Work Items from several servers



Adds support to allow the connector to work with Polarion load balancer deployments.

Ensures compatibility with older Mathworks Simulink releases.



Version 2.0 of the Polarion connector for Simulink provides a framework to extend the core functionality by allowing users to write simple custom code. There are 2 types of extension possible:
- Register additional menu items which will appear in the Polarion context menu found on diagram items.
- Add functionality to select or publish actions of the Connector.

To showcase this new functionality, an example of an extended function that supports populating the Mathworks Simulink Link Editor “User tag” field with Polarion work item standard and custom fields is included. Please see the included documentation for more information on how to use the sample example and extend the functionality of the connector.



Fixed SC-61 - Linking with existingWork Item doesn't generate a new link to Polarion if there were no other links from the object.

Fixed SC-60 - Search Query field declared in documentation as optional, but if empty it leads to an error.



Fixed: WI-55 - startup.m pollutes workspace variables

Fixed: WI-58 - Prevent duplication of links on both sides, if the user attempts to link the same items again (e.g. in bulk operation)

Fixed: WI-48 - Linking to existing item proceeds even if Cancel is clicked in the dialog

Improvement: WI-54 - Allow Publish diagram to already existing Item

Improvement: WI-56 - Binary distribution of the connector



Fixed: WI-51 - Changes of the Server URL are not applied until MATLAB restart if there were already connections to the previous Server URL

Fixed: WI-53 - Some functions are not working properly on the https connection



Fixed: WI-47 - Server URL in Polarion Settings dialog in Simulink has an incorrect tooltip

Fixed: WI-46 - Extra slash in the server hostname makes items inaccessible from the MATLAB interface

Improvement: WI-52 - Version of the integration module is shown in the title of Polarion Settings dialog




Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 2.4 - March 2020
Price Free
Supported by Siemens PLM This extension is supported by Siemens PLM for customers with a current support/maintenance agreement.
Requirements - Polarion ALM in a currently supported version
- Matlab Simulink – 2020 and 2021

The following licenses are required​
- Matlab
- Simulink
- Simulink Requirements
- (Stateflow is optional)

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