Show Possible Duplicates on Work Item Form

 This Work Item form extension searches for the possible duplicates of the selected Work Item and displays them in a panel


The extension searches for duplicates based on a Work Item Title content. The result is sorted by relevance.


1) Copy this com.kx.polarion.duplicates folder into C:/Polarion/extensions/
2) Include reference to the extension in your Work Item form configuration (Administration > Work Items > Form Configuration > Form Layout Configuration)

<extension char-limit="3" hint-for-new="Please - search always before you create the new item - if you create a duplicate, the items might be prioritized wrongly" id="duplicates" ignore-words="Failed" label="Possible Duplicates Found" max-items="4" query="resolution:######NULL" search-title-only="true" show-query="false" same-type="true" />



  • label - Label of the panel on the Work Item form
  • query - Additional query applied when searching for duplicates
  • ignore-words - Comma-separated list of words the extension will not search for
  • max-items - Max number of Work Items shown
  • search-title-only = true/false - Search only Title or perform full-text search
  • same-type = true/false - Search only for the items with the same Work Item type as the type of the selected item
  • fuzzy-search = true/false - Perform a fuzzy search
  • ascii-only = true/false - Search ASCII only
  • stop-chars -Ignored characters
  • char-limit - Words in Title shorter than char-limit are ignored
  • hint-for-new - Hint that is shown when creating new Work Items
  • show-query - true/false - For debug purposes, display used query 
  • id - Must be set to "duplicates" - which refers to panel extension id


Source code is included in the plug-in file itself.


What's New in Version 1.0.3

Updated April 2022

Version 1.0.3
- Fixed compatibility with log4j 2.*



Vendor Karl Xavier (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 1.0.3 - April 2022
Price Free
Community Supported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion 2018 GA (3.18.0)
Last tested with Polarion 22 R1 (3.22.0)