Flag Traceable Items and Identify Untraceable Items (flag unlinked)

 This little job will help you to identify items which are not linked to other items. For example what requirements are not linked to Test Cases yet. The author recommends to use extension "Find Untraceable / Coverage Query" instead.


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July 2010: Added by the author:
I recommend to use following wiki plugin instead:
This plugin will not change existing work  items by flagging them as traceable/untraceable. It is also easy for you to adjust it to your own needs

Job plugin which iterates through a set of workitems (specified by a root query)
and checks whether workitems can be traced to another set of workitems (specified by a target query).
If an item is traceable a custom boolean field is set to true.
This allows you to query very fast via standard query which items are traceable and which are not as traceability calculation is done via seperate job(s).

Items which are traceable will get a custom boolean field set to true. All other items are untraceable.

 - copy downloaded jar file into folder %polarioninstall%/polarion/plugins
 - restart Polarion server
 create new jobs in %polarionRepo$/.polarion/jobs/schedule.xml based on example below
 If you run multiple flagUnlinked jobs at the same time you may have error messages in log
 because 2 jobs may accidentially modify the same workitem at the same time.
 This can be avoided by leaving enough time for each job to execute.
 <job name="Flag Requirements without Testcases" id="flagUnlinked" cronExpression="0 0 4 ? * MON-SAT" scope="project:AG-Demo">

Possible Values:
<rootQuery>Any Polarion query (will be executed in project context)</rootQuery>
<targetQuery>Any Polarion query (will be executed globally to fin out if there are linked items in other projects</targetQuery>
<fieldToFlag>Any custom boolean field id available in root item configuration</fieldToFlag>

traceability=incoming links
impact=outgoing links
any=incoming or outgoing links


Vendor Tim Pence (Siemens PLM)
Published Version 0.9 - July 2010
Price Free
Unsupported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Polarion 3.x, Polarion 2010

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