Simple Review Template

 A template which demonstrates how you can establish a Document-based review process. It works for documents and wiki pages.


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Basic approach

1. Create a wiki page/module and work on it until it is ready for review

2. Create a review task pointing to the wiki page/module (this is done by createWI servlet) http://extensions.polarion.com/polarion/extensions/extension.jsp?extension=PE-126

3. Finish the review by changing the status of the review task to approved (this is achieved by createBaseline Plugin) http://extensions.polarion.com/polarion/extensions/extension.jsp?extension=PE-125



Template content

Item configuration: review, requirement

Review workflow:-> readyForReview -> approved/rejected





What's Cool



  • Reviews are created directly out of a module/wiki page
  • When a review is approved, a baseline is created automatically and the review item links to the frozen version of the module/wiki page
  • The frozen module/wiki page has a reference to the review task which approved this specific version
  • Historical list of approvals / baselines





Vendor Tim Pence
Published Version 1.0.0 - January 2014
Price Free
Unverified Extension This extension is not verified or supported by Polarion Software.
Requirements polarion api license available