DO-178C Project Template

 This template provides samples reports and document templates to help with the creation of deliverables for DO-178C compliance


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This project template contains template Documents and reports for the deliverables needed in proving DO-178C compliance. A DO-178C process objective checklist is present in the form of Work Items so that work on requirements can be linked back and traced to the individual process objectives. A typical project structure is also present, allowing use out of the box, although it is recommended that the project structure be customized to match process already in place.

Watch a webinar here: http://www.polarion.com/company/events/webinarondemand.php?title=Achieving+and+Proving+DO-178C+Compliance



Vendor Andy Holton (Polarion Software)
Published Version 1.0 - July 2013
Price Free
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Requirements Developed and tested on Polarion 2013