Vacation Administration and Approval Project Template

 Template for managing of a project team's vacation


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This template helps companies or departments of any size to manage and track vacation requests for the employees. Each user has exactly one active Vacation Plan Work Item for the current Year (e.g. 2013). Every User can submit new requests for vacation by adding a "Vacation Request" Item to the currently active "Vacation Plan". Vacation Plans from past years can be set to inactive, so that only one Vacation Plan is active per User at a time.
Create Vacation Plans for each calendar year per User
Request new Vacation
See easily how many days are left
Detailed Installation Instructions & HowTo included in the Extension Package
Calendar invites can be activated optionally (only available using Google Calendars)


Vendor Siemens PLM
Published Version 1.0 - June 2013
Price Free
Unsupported Extension This extension is not supported by Siemens PLM.
Requirements Automation.zip & Google API Extension.zip are delivered with the template package